Friday, August 29, 2008

can you hear it?

We had our 2nd doctor appointment yesterday, at 13 weeks, 3 days. Thankfully, all is well! It was a short and sweet appointment. Our doctor, Dr. C, (who ROCKS, by the way) officially set our due date as February 28th. Not that that is too set in stone, since Cletus will come when he or she is good and ready.

We got to hear the heartbeat, which was fantastic! It was lub-dubbing away at 160 beats per minute, keeping consistent with the 158 we saw at the ultrasound. There's some old medical myths that a heart rate above 140 bpm means it's a girl, and below 140 points to a boy. There's been several studies (based on my Googling) that have shot this down, but it seems to hold true for my friends who found out. Mindy said Asher's heart rate is usually in the 120s, so maybe it will hold true for us. I don't care, I'm happy with a football player or a cheerleader. :o)

Speaking of gender, we'll find that out on October 1st. Yay! I put a little poll over there <- on the left where you can vote for whether you think Cletus is a he or a she! :)

Otherwise, all is well, still. Dr. C says that Mindy and I have good genes when it comes to pregnancy. We've both been blessed with not being sick, and really having no symptoms to speak of. So thanks mom, we owe ya one. ;)


Do you have your Husker red on today?? I'm so excited for football! We even watched 2 boring college games last night just because it was "real" football for the first time in 8 months! Hallelujah!

Have a great weekend, and Go Big Red!


  1. Okay, I voted! I can't wait for October!

  2. Yea for good heartbeats, good genes and Husker football! I voted girl, BTW... :o) Josie's heart rate was always in the 150's and I wasn't sick. :o)

  3. no kidding..thanks a million mom..p.s. i'm betting you get a cheerleader too..


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