Friday, August 1, 2008


Hey! Glad you found us! We've set this blog up so our family and friends (that's you!) can keep up with our adventures. First a brief update on what we've been up to:
  • You know by now we're expecting our first baby! If you didn't, SURPRISE! Cletus (the code name for the baby, for now - don't worry we're NOT really naming him or her Cletus) is due March 2, 2009. So far everything has been pretty great - just a few queasies here and there and I've been pretty tired. My mom reminds me "you haven't seen anything yet" to keep me in check. :o) Oh, and I have a sense of smell to rival a drug-sniffing dog... that's been interesting.
  • Joey is finished with school, as of today!! Tada!! He's finally a college graduate, and we're both so very excited that he's done.
  • We're loving our first house - there's always a home improvement project on the horizon it seems. Next up: the nursery.
That about catches you up with everything new for now. Add this site as a favorite, we'll have updates often!

Lots of love!
alison and joey


  1. i'm very excited to be aunt mindy to cletus the fetus :)..2 points for originality..the site looks great. can't wait to come visit!

    love mindy

  2. I selfishy wanted to be your first commenter. I love the "... and baby makes 5."

    I think we are as excited as you are!


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