Tuesday, November 4, 2008

doctor, doctor

Be sure to check out yesterday's post for an update on the nursery and baby development. This one is all about yesterday's routine doctor visit. Oh, and Joey and I reminding you to GO VOTE!

Short version: all is well, totally, totally well and good.

Longer-albeit-still-short version: They weighed me. I've gained 9 lbs since my first visit. The doctor calls this "excellent" which made me breathe a sigh of relief - I was worried I hadn't gained enough yet, since I'd read that average is 10 lbs by 20 weeks, so I'm a tiny bit behind. But I've gained 4 in the last month alone, so things should only go up from here.

I got a fancy pants "diaper bag" from En.famil and some weird organizer thing from Sim.ilac. Joey has claimed the diaper bag already, which is fine with me because it's kind of ugly. Boys are easy to please I guess.

I got a glass (hello breakable!) bottle of "flat cola" flavored glucose-y stuff for my Glucose Tolerance Test which I'll have at the next appointment. I need to drink it within 10 minutes, 1 hour before my appointment. Must remember this, writing it down.

My blood pressure: 104/62, "perfect".

My regular OB is having a baby very soon, so I'm making appointments with the 3 other OBs in the practice until she returns. So today was new OB #1. She was ok... very fast though, I felt rushed. So far my regular OB is still my favorite.

She measured my belly, measuring right on track at 23 cm. And Cletus was wiggling away from the Doppler as always, but she caught up and found a heartbeat in the 150s, also great.

I have my flu shot within the next week, hopefully next Tuesday so I don't have to do it before THE wedding this weekend, thankfully Joey's company provides free flu shots for employees and their spouses.

Hope you have a great week. And go vote!

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  1. I'm glad everything is going so well!


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