Tuesday, December 23, 2008

the letter b

Another week has passed... 30 weeks 3 days today, which means only 67 days to go! Yikes. Being pregnant over the holidays means that time flies twice as fast I think.

We had Christmas with Joey's family on Sunday, and we'll head west to Sidney to see my family later this week. I'm having a hard time remembering all that's happened in the last 7 days... apparently nothing much exciting! It's just been cooooooold! I think we're finally going to have a high in the 20s today! Hooray!

Zoe and Jack aren't loving the cold cold weather, and seem to be a little sick. We finally felt sorry for them last night after they looked so cold and miserable on the floor, and brought them out each an old blanket, and they burrowed in and were sound asleep. Yes, we are pathetic, but they both have such sad dog eyes sometimes...


I had my 30 week (gasp!) doctor visit yesterday and all is well. Here's the longer version for those who care.
I saw the PA this time (my OB is still on maternity leave, so I'm rotating through the other dr.'s/PAs). She asked if we were traveling over the holidays and because we are, and because I'm 30 (gulp) weeks along, she copied the first two pages of my chart so I have something to take with me, just in case. This is nice because I love numbers and I can see my progress over these last 30 weeks. And I can see that my OB has HORRIBLE handwriting. :)

My blood pressure was normal, but higher for me - 124/78, it's usually about 110/65. I measured at 30 cm, right on track. No edema, she said I must be doing a good job staying away from holiday treats - HA! Apparently I just process salt well, because it's certainly still being consumed! I'm up about 14 lbs so far, so hopefully it's all baby! :) This 14 lb weight gain is pretty impressive to me, I figured I'd be at like 34 by now! :)
Next visit is Jan 7th. They're coming fast now! Eeee!


We neglected to send Christmas cards this year due to all the extra busy-ness, but we do want to wish you a very Merry Christmas. Stay warm and safe.

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  1. i love love love your letters..very crafty..maybe you should impart some craft talent on me; bear's room is a little lackluster :)

    only 9 1/2 weeks! holy cow!


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