Monday, January 19, 2009

34 (!!) weeks, 2 days

Sometimes (ok, most of the time) when I check out our floating baby thing on the sidebar, I'm astonished at how few days we have to go until we meet Cletus. For some reason 40 days feels like the beginning of the end - in a good way! And knowing that it could be as few as 26 days (or as many as 45) is really crazy!

I think we're ready for him, whenever he decides to make it his birthday. Though I'm personally hoping he bakes for a few more weeks at least. I've nested all that I can in his room for now (pictures are promised when it's completely finished) and it looks great - my favorite room of the house now by far. We still need to do a car seat test run to make sure we know how to get the bases in the vehicles. We've been waiting for nice weather, so hopefully it will cooperate in the next few weeks. My best friends Moriah and Molly graciously offered to host a shower for me and B this coming weekend, and we are looking forward to see everyone!

Joey is in California for work - but he'll be back tomorrow, thank goodness. I'm running out of energy quickly these days and the dogs don't seem to understand that. (Plus they spend the first 3 hours he's gone wandering aimlessly around the house waiting for him to come back, it's kind of sad and pathetic. :o)

We're finishing the tasks on our pre-baby to do lists, and hopefully we'll get everything checked off before he comes. It's nothing to major, but it would be nice to have some things checked off. And now we're at the point of making lists of lists. If we weren't quite so anal retentive... ;) I've started figuring out some things at work for my maternity leave. It's hard when I'm really not sure my end date. I did decide that my last working day, if he's on time or late is February 27th, so I know I won't be working into March even if he's not here yet. Of course that will be earlier if he's earlier. I thankfully will have 12 weeks off from work, and Joey should have about 2.

As far as Cletus and me - we're both still doing well I believe. Sleeping is getting more difficult by the night, unfortunately. Thankfully B seems to be asleep most of the night, so I'm not being woken up by his soccer practice (now we'll see if that continues after birth...). I think he must have inherited his parents' love of sleep! :) He's still moving around quite a bit - more than I thought he would be at this point. I think he's still heads up, based on his latest hiccuping, but we'll find out soon enough. I'm still getting comments every few days that I'm "really not that big and don't look like I'm having a baby 6 weeks". I swear there's a 34 week baby in there, and I'm perfectly happy that I'm not any bigger!!

This was a lot of rambling nonsense, so kudos to you if you're still reading at this point. :) We have an appointment on Wednesday and I'll update after that!

A few development notes:
Your baby now weighs about 4 3/4 pounds (like your average cantaloupe) and is almost 18 inches long. Her fat layers — which she'll need to regulate her body temperature once she's born — are filling her out, making her rounder. Her skin is also smoother than ever. Her central nervous system is maturing and her lungs are continuing to mature as well. If you've been nervous about preterm labor, you'll be happy to know that babies born between 34 and 37 weeks who have no other health problems generally do fine. They may need a short stay in the neonatal nursery and may have a few short-term health issues, but in the long run, they usually do as well as full-term babies.

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  1. 39 days to go..holy-you know what- batman..
    i'm so excited!


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