Wednesday, January 21, 2009

appointment update

Technically, I’m 34w4d today, but it was my 34 week appointment this afternoon.

short story: he’s fine, all is normal

longer story: I’ve gained like 22 lbs or something, whatever, it’s fine. My blood pressure was also fine, 120/68 I think. That top number is still higher than it typically was pre-pregnancy, but it’s fine still apparently.

The only question I had was about the is-he-or-isn’t-he heads down issue and when he really needs to get that way. She said he needs to settle down there in the next 2 weeks because at the 36 week appt (Feb 4th) they’ll figure out his position. If they think he’s not head’s down, they’ll do an ultrasound to double check and then we’ll go over our options - either schedule a “version” to attempt to flip him, or schedule a c-section. She said after 36 weeks, the chances of him flipping to the right position go WAY down - it’s not a 0% chance that he won’t flip, but it’s really low simply because he doesn’t have much room to do it if he hasn’t by that point.

Right before leaving for my appointment, he was hiccuping under my right ribs and POUNDING my left side with his feet. Totally transverse.


At the appointment, the stinker had flipped and was now heads down and had his feet up high up near my left ribs. Such a brat. ;)

I measured 33 cm, so still “small”. I think he’s fine size-wise - he was measuring 34 weeks (well except for his head…) 2 weeks ago, at the 34w appt, so I don’t think he shrunk.

So we hang in there for 2 more weeks.

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  1. he's gonna be naughty..already not doing what he should lol :)
    kidding..hope to see you soon sister!


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