Wednesday, January 7, 2009

a big head

Two things to update on today: our first childbirth class was last night and our 32 week OB appt was today. I'm going to start with the OB appt, because it segues into stuff we talked about in class last night.

OB appointment...short version: all is fine, Cletus has a gigantic head.

long version:
My blood pressure was 124/64, which still seemed at bit high for me, but the nurse said it's right where I want to be.

She said I can sleep on my back as much as I want to, as long as I'm in a bed (and not on a hard floor) and as long as it doesn't make me dizzy. Hallelujer. She'd prefer my left side for blood flow, but she said if I'm only sleeping on my back then do what I need to get some zzzz's. Oh stomach how I miss being able to sleep on you. Soon enough.

I had new doctor #4 today. My OB is still on maternity leave, so this was the last one of her colleagues I have to rotate through before she comes back, I think. She's the "mother" of the practice - she's founded it and has been an OB for like 30 years or something. So this obviously isn't her first rodeo. BUT when she measured my belly, she proclaimed that I was only measuring at 28 weeks (I'm 32w4d today). I thought this sounded fishy because a) this OB measured me differently (and shorter) than the others have - I could tell it would be short just based on how she held the tape and b) I've measured right on for every other appointment - I was 30 cm at 30 weeks, so how would I have shrunk in the last 2 weeks?

She said that she's sure he's fine, but wants an ultrasound just to make sure since he's measuring on the short side of normal for his gestational age. Not ones to turn down a photo shoot with our son, we happily agreed. The u/s was good - she found his head right away, and it's HUGE. She didn't immediately say how huge, just that it's big. We had her check to make sure he's still a boy, and yes he definitely is. :) His belly is perfect and round and his thigh bone is also right on track. Basically, here's the scoop: I'm 32w4d today, his head is measuring 36 weeks (almost an entire month ahead of "average") and his belly/thigh show his body is measuring at 32 weeks even, so a tiny tiny big small for "average". That means that Cletus as a whole is measuring a whole week ahead - 33w4d. Most importantly, he's perfect and healthy and everything looks fine as far as that goes, he just has a really gigantic melon. Joey was a bit more concerned and wanted to triple check that all was well, but I reminded him that he too has a seriously large head (he has trouble finding hats that fit) and my side of the family is always talking about how they have to wear their hats on the last snap. Barrett even has a big head, though it's all evening out already and he never looked silly with his head. So basically, big heads run in our family. The dr checked over the u/s results and also confirmed that everything is fine. And now we can laugh about it, and hope his head doesn't grow exponentially before delivery! :o)

I totally spaced off asking her how he was positioned or if he's still breech. I think he MAY be moving toward something more head-down lately. It actually feels like he's laying like this: / across my belly. We'll be back in two weeks though to get the scoop and find out about how things are looking toward delivery.

Oh! And I got a few more snapshots of B in action. He had his arm in front of his face, so we didn't get a great face shot, but they're pretty good. He totally has Joey's nose (thank God). :)

Which brings us to Childbirth Class...

It was actually ok. 2 1/2 hours long, but the nurse was super awesome and made it as fun as possible. The hospital we're delivering at just finished this whole birth "tower" in August so we'll be delivering in a fancy brand-new area. I'm excited for that. :) There are 7 couples in the class, and we're all due between Feb 27th and Mar 13, so it's nice that everyone is kind of close - we're all experiencing similar things.

We were able to get a few questions answered... like how long does it take for the anesthesiologist to get to the room if I want an epidural (max 20 minutes, usually much less, longer if they're helping with general surgery and have a heart patient - but L&D has their own anesthesiologist, hooray!) and Joey wanted to know if there was music playing in the room (we had to listen to relaxing music last night - no, none playing, but there is an ipod docking station, yay!). I think there were other more important questions answered, but those were the biggies that I remember. :)

She spent quite a bit of time talking about preterm labor. 36 weeks and under is considered premature/early normal and means the kiddo will automatically get 24 hours in the NICU to be checked. 38-40 weeks is considered full term. 37 weeks to 37w6d is considered gray area and the babies are monitored on a case-by-case basis. On the other side of the spectrum, she said that the chances of any of us going to 42 weeks before being induced are probably zero. This wasn't always the case, obviously, but she said in the last year or 18 months, they've learned tons about what's considered full term and what happens in those last few days and sometimes even hours. At 40 weeks the placenta quality starts to degrade rapidly, and she said most doctors are getting twitchy to get the baby out, for sure by 41 weeks. Especially if there's any chance the due date might be off. Along with that, both hospitals in Lincoln (they work together for a lot of policy stuff, which is kind of odd because they're completely separate entities, but it's also nice that they're considering the health of the citizens as a whole) decided a year ago that they would no longer do elective inductions before 39 weeks. Which was nice to hear. So when I get really uncomfortable in 4 weeks, I won't be able to cry uncle and ask to get the kid out. :o) But seriously, it's great that they're making sure those babies get every minute of growth and development that they deserve in utero. (I'm completely and totally fine with inductions before 39 weeks for mothers and babies who are high-risk or medically need to deliver early - I just don't get the ones who have swollen ankles and a sore back and want the kid out for vanity or because they're "done".)

Ok, so what does all this mean? It means that I will have Cletus sometime on or before March 7th. It means that if he doesn't flip and I have to have a c-section it could be as early as February 14th (which is 5 (!) weeks away). It means that if we have to induce because his head is going to be too big if we wait, it could also be Feb 14th ish. And it means if for some unknown reason I ask for an elective induction, I can't do that until February 21st.

*deep breath*

It's January, which means February is next month. Which means we don't have much time left to prepare. Yikes.

And a few development notes:
This week your baby is dangerously close to the 4 pounds, 17 inches mark, so it pretty much makes sense that you feel massive. They've also developed sensitivity to temperature and have little toe nails and finger nails now!

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  1. That pic is OUTSTANDING!!!!!! I can't tell who he looks like yet but it looks like he has hair!


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