Wednesday, January 28, 2009

welcome to the hotel hospital

I've had the hit Eagles song stuck in my head since last night, when we went on our hospital tour as part of our final childbirth class. I think I mentioned before that this new part to our hospital was just opened in August, so we knew everything would be shiny and new. But I had no idea HOW shiny and new. I kid you not when I say that it's probably nicer than any hotel I've ever stayed at, including our honeymoon resort in Jamaica. They didn't skip a detail and I honestly would LOVE to check in now and just hang out there for the next month.

From the time you step off the elevator (into the "hotel lobby"), through the labor and delivery rooms (which have every detail included to make laboring easier), and into the postpartum rooms we were just blown away. The postpartum rooms are huge and have a nice pull out couch for Joey, a fridge (though it's not quite a mini-bar, we asked :o), every detail is included. The coolest part - the food! They don't bring you hospital food around at certain times, you have to order room service, which you can do from 7-7. But if you're hungry at 2am, you have a magic card that lets you into the "hosp.itality room" where there's a ton of food, for free! Joey can even grab some snacks if he's hungry in the middle of the night.

If I had any reservations left about childbirth going into last night, they were immediately squashed once we completed the tour. I would just like to go now, really.

Class itself was ok. We talked about postpartum care the entire time. Our hospital has been designated a "" hospital, which is apparently a big deal (there's only 75 hospitals across the US with this distinction). It means the entire hospital - doctors, nurses, pediatricians, janitors (ok kidding on the last one), etc. are all highly trained and very much promote breastfeeding. That's not to say if you make a personal choice not to that they're going to kick you out of your room - but they will absolutely go out of their way to help you make it work. I've always been on board with trying it out, and hoping it works, but I feel hugely reassured knowing that these people are pretty much not going to let us fail at nursing as long as we keep trying.

And as icing on my already tasty cake, I won a Wr.ap in our class! I love free stuff! :)


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  1. what's up with all the pe.riods between all of your wor.ds.. :)

    and i guessed march can't disown your own sister so i guess i'm grandfathered in -ish..


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