Saturday, February 28, 2009


Someone forgot to tell B that today is the day for him to come play! We're still hanging out, and with 2ish hours left in February I think we can safely say that we're talking about a March baby now. Which is just fine with me, we're in the homestretch now.

Nothing new today. The cramping is gone entirely now. We walked around the mall for an hour but that only served to make my back hurt, unfortunately.

Maybe tomorrow will be the day? It's our friend Kelli's birthday and we keep telling B that he would like to share her day if he'd try it out, but so far nothing. :)

Keep you posted!

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  1. aww..the ticker has started to go back up in days to go..just a sign that it's getting closer. tell him his auntie m would love to see him and it's time to check out.


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