Thursday, February 26, 2009

2 plus or minus 4

This post could also be titled: "Or how about Wednesday?"

Just when I had wrapped my mind around a 3/3 birthday, looks like we’re heading for 3/4. Unless he comes sooner, of course. But frankly, I feel like we’re heading straight for induction-ville. And I’m ok with that, I really just want to meet him.

So we check into the hospital next Tuesday evening at 7:30 and they’ll start the cyto.tec which is a drug to get things started. Then they’ll start pito.cin Wednesday morning which actually brings on the contractions and hope for a delivery Wednesday afternoon or evening, if all goes as planned.

I know the switch could flip at any point, and he could still come any time - even by the end of today if he wanted to. So I guess we just keep waiting. All in good time.

I'm not having any contractions to speak of, so I'm quite confident he's going to hang out in there until next Wednesday. That could all change in a blink though.

Hope you're all well! Thanks for checking in on us!

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