Thursday, February 5, 2009

23 to go!

Yesterday was our the 36 week appointment (I'm was 36w4d technically).

short story: all is well, confusing, but well

longer story:

My weight, blood pressure, and minor swelling are all normal.

The iron supplements are working and keeping my hemoglobin at a good level.

My belly is still measuring on target - 36cm.

And now, the business at hand:

B's melon.

We ended up with an ultrasound again (and other than the fact that they cost ~$150 every freaking time we have one, I don't mind them one bit - I'll take a sneaky peek at my bean any day!) and we think she wanted one for 2 reasons. 1) When we measured my belly, there was a body part of B's obviously sticking out by my belly button. Dr. C and I both felt it and thought it was a head. :o( It was hard and we thought he'd flipped breech again. And 2) We tried to find out from her how big of a head was too big to attempt a "normal" delivery or what she thought might happen based on the 32w ultrasound (which if you remember, his head measured at 36w). She was very non-commital on #2 at this point since things can change so much from week to week. She did say if a baby is predicting to weigh 10 lbs or more on an u/s they'll automatically offer a c-section.

So the combo of Dr. C wanting to know if he was breech plus wanting to know how big his head was had us heading straight to the u/s room.

I'm so thankful we have the coolest u/s tech in the history of the world. I want to send her flowers after B's arrival. She laughs with us at the size of B's head and always gives us a few extra minutes to just watch him on the u/s machine.

Good news: He's heads down - it was apparently a hip sticking out by my belly button. Cletus apparently likes to rotate on his axis, rather than somersaults, thank goodness.

Questionable, but not bad news: His head is measuring a full 40 weeks. And I'm 36w4d. Holy giant head, batman. We didn't get to talk to Dr. C after the u/s so we'll have to wait until next week to find out if that qualifies us for a 39 week induction or anything fancy like that.

Good news: his belly and femur are measuring right at 36 weeks so his little body is fine, albeit not keeping up with his head (and do you blame it?!)

Good news: the u/s machine (though not scientific nor reliable) predicts he weighs 6 lb 11 oz right now. Perfectly adequate size for his gestation. The average weight gain at this point is 1 oz per day. So he'll gain, on average 1.5 pounds in the next 23 days. This is nice to know because he'll hopefully still be in the 8 pound range, and I won't have to think about having a giant headed-baby that weighs 12 lbs to boot. (And sorry to those of you who guessed in the 6-7 lb range on the baby pool, I'm afraid B is going to shoot right past that).

Good news: the kid has some CHEEKS on him. On his face, not on his butt. :) I think he looks totally different than he did 4 weeks ago. I can't quite figure out how his cheeks are so squishy yet the rest of him is so svelte.

Good news: he's still a boy! ;o)

Good news: he looks like Joey!

Good news: despite the size of his head, he looks healthy and that is the only thing we're concerning ourselves with at this point. Bring on the epidural, please and thank you.

We're going to have a baby. And I think that's still not quite set in.

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