Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I walked out of my appointment feeling disappointment. In what? I'm not exactly sure. I think in my mind I was half-expecting Dr. C to say "oh, he's falling out, let me grab him and you can just take him home with you". Obviously I'm delusional.

In all reality, all is well. His heart is in the 150s as usual and I think my weight is finally tapering off. His head has finally dropped to the bottom, where he should be, which she reiterated several times was a GREAT, GREAT sign. She's encouraged he will fit during delivery, and she thinks it will help things progress once these contractions finally get with the program.

On the boo-hoo side of things: I'm not any more dilated than I was last week. But his head is down! I guess that's progress too.

After a long discussion between Dr. C, Joey, and I, we all agreed that an induction next Tuesday would be a good option, if he doesn't choose to arrive before then. I will be 40w3d at that point - and really our main reason for the induction is that his head is ginormous and it's not getting any smaller. If we wait too long, we might be shooting our chances of having a normal delivery and be looking straight at a c-section.

They will call L&D at the hospital and see if Tuesday works or if we need to pick another day. I'm still hopeful he'll pick a birthday on his own, especially now that his head has dropped, but we shall see I guess. I'll keep you posted as always.

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