Monday, February 23, 2009


Still pregnant. And nothing really happening contraction-wise. I get a few Braxton-Hicks ones every now and then but that’s not even worth talking about. I do think he’s dropped again. I woke up this morning with my hip KILLING. And the waddle has been kicked up a notch. I’m really getting to the “over it” point, but I know B’s doing all that last minute growing and I don’t want to stunt it for my sake.


I was tossing around the idea of making Wednesday my last day of work (as opposed to Friday as I was planning on), and Joey and I agreed that it should be. If getting to work didn’t involve me driving 40 minutes away from the hospital to Crete, I would be able to work just fine. But we’re both getting nervous that labor is going to begin or my water will break or some other minor emergency will happen and either I’ll convince myself to drive back home, or if Joey has to come get me, it’ll take a while. So Wednesday it is, 2 more days.


Today, Joey and I discussed my inability to will myself into labor, and talked about a potential induction date. I really want to get to my due date - the 28th - but I also feel completely confident that this little bean is ready to go at any point from now forward. I know if we make it to Wednesday’s appointment (which I’m assuming we will at this point), Dr. C is going to talk about the pros and cons of an induction, etc., etc. She’s already said that an induction should be fine with the progress I've made on my own, and hopefully it's continuing now. But I also know she’s going to a) ultimately let us make the call on whether to schedule an induction or wait it out and b) tell us to pick the date. So I want to go into Wednesday’s appointment with a gameplan of sorts so that Joey and I aren’t staring at each other trying to make a decision on the fly.

That said, we both agreed that if sweet B isn’t here by next Tuesday, we’ll induce on Tuesday, March 3rd.

Now that I put that in bold and made it permanent I’m confident that God is laughing at me saying “oh, you think so, huh?” and I’m sure B will come at some point OTHER than Tuesday, March 3rd. But it feels good to have a date chosen. 3/3/09 sounds like a good birthday to me. (Even though it’s flying in the face of my twitchiness with odd numbers…) I truly hope he comes before that, whenever it would be best for him. But I also get a little bit scared thinking of him being in there much past his due date.

So we keep waiting. Just a few more days.


  1. seuss's birthday :)
    and the date i picked in the pool..the stars are aligning again.

  2. Did you know that is Aunt Ro's birthday too?


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