Sunday, February 22, 2009


Just thought I'd better stop by to let you know we're still hanging in there. B hasn't made his big arrival yet! I've been having some light contractions off and on since Wednesday night but nothing major other than that.

I promise, promise we'll let you know when B finally picks his birthday. It might take a bit until we're settled into our post-partum room, but we'll get the word out as soon as we're able. We've spent so long anticipating the arrival of this little bean that we want to spend a little time getting to know him first too. I know you're all so excited to see him! B is so lucky to be welcomed into such a great support system from the start.

That's all for now... it's back to NAS.CAR for us now. Go Gordon, go!

[disclaimer: Joey wants me to tell you the views and support reflected in this blog post for a particular driver are not necessarily reflective of the views of the rest of the household.]

But since I'm the one writing the post I can support whomever I choose. :)

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  1. soo close..i can't wait! and just for you joe..go gordon go! :)
    love you guys!


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