Thursday, February 12, 2009

out of the starting gates

I feel like today is the start of B's journey to be born (which, yes, I know actually started last summer) - here's what happened...

I thought my weight was kind of leveling off/dropping a bit (a potential pre-labor sign) but not so much, up about 2 lbs from lat week. I'm a tiny bit swollen, nothing too bad. My blood pressure was up to 128/78, which is WAY high for me (again I'm normally like 100/60) but she said it was "perfect" so I'm just chalking it up to the fact that I'm pumping a lot more blood around right now.

B's heart was lub-dubbing away as normal - 140ish bpm. He was showing off and kicking the doppler off my belly. He's a turd. Everyone has been telling me how his movements should be slowing down as he runs out of room. They forgot to tell B this because he's still crazy active. And he hiccups so hard I'm thinking his head is going to come flying through my belly wall sometimes. Seriously they're harder than my own hiccups.

Warning, don't read the blue part if you're squeamish or really don't want the dirty details...

She said his head is "definitely dropping". This was HUGE for us because she said it was a key indicator that he would, in fact, fit through my pelvis. It also means he's much less likely to flip breech now that he's starting to drop and engage. She was very, very visibly relieved that he was dropping. She also said we're "well on our way to starting to thin and dilate" and she said she'd call me a fingertip dilated. Yay! I'll take it! Every millimeter I dilate now is one less I have to do in labor.

So we keep waiting, but I really feel like this kid is coming in February. I have no reason why, just a hunch.

We're supposed to get 5-10 inches of snow tomorrow. I'm stoked! I also kept predicting with our luck that B would be born in a huge snowstorm, so I guess that will be his chance.

We go back to the dr next Thursday and when she left she said "see you next week... or sooner". So that was nice, though I'm sure she didn't mean it super seriously.


If you want to do the baby pool over on the left, do it soon, it'll lock on Saturday. ;o)

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  1. oh it's so exciting..i can't wait.
    i want to call you everyday to see how he is, but i don't want you to be like "no, nothing has happened" i know how that goes ;)
    kidding..but if you want to call i'm always ready to just talk about b :)
    almost there!


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