Wednesday, March 25, 2009

3 weeks!

Happy 3 week birthday to our B-man.

We are surviving nights without the every-4-hour alarm clock to feed Mr. Man. Ironically he still wakes up about every 4 hours. Although the night before last we had two 5 hour stretches that made momma veeeery excited.

We had B's 3 week pediatrician appointment this morning. And he's quite the little model patient. Our last visit, at 6 days old, he was 7lbs 3.5oz. Today, just 15 days later, he weighed in at a hefty 8 lbs 15.4 oz. Little Mister has gained 1lb 12 oz in just 15 days. This is awesome as we were all a trite concerned about his weight in the early days as he dropped almost a pound after birth. His weight puts him in the 45th percentile. He's grown 3/4 of an inch since birth and is now at 21 3/4" - the 80th percentile for height. But the most fascinating measurement of the day? His head. If you'll remember back to a month and a half ago or so, we were thinking I would be giving birth to a baby with an enormous head and were quite concerned that he could even be delivered normally. He came through delivery just fine and his head measured 14 inches - this is on the "big" side of normal but we were all confused about where that huge head on the ultrasound went. But today? His head was measuring 15 1/2" - his head has grown an inch and a half in 3 weeks and is now measuring in the 90th percentile. So this kid is long and skinny and has a gigantor head. Which means nothing in the whole scheme of things other than a big head equals big cheeks for me to nibble on.

Other than those fascinating (or not) numbers, B is in great health. His head is still a little swollen on the top/side from the vacuum delivery but the pedi assured us that's totally normal and due to the sheer amount of fluid that is sucked into the skin during a vacuum delivery. It will all dissipate but may take a month or two.

Our next visit is the 2 month appointment. In which scary things (to momma) like shots are given. Eee.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

two weeks!

Our little man is two weeks old today! It seems like it's going so fast, yet we're enjoying every single moment with him. He's still sleeping like a champ and letting mom and dad catch some zzz's too!

Some highlights from the last week:
  • B's belly button made its appearance! His umbilical stump fell off last Thursday. And I was a little sad. I thought I should keep it or something, but Joey made me throw it away (it was gross, I wouldn't really have kept it ;o).
  • We had visitors who brought us meals which made us very excited! Not cooking has been so nice.
  • B started staying awake a tiny bit more. As always, when he's awake, he's WIDE awake. (Mom is still loving nap time too.)
  • We might be on our way to our first smiles. We're going to call them smiles at us, and not his gas, but we'll take what we can get.
  • Daddy went back to work on Monday. And we survived! We miss him lots, but he's coming home for lunch when he can so it's only a few hours at a time.
  • B graduated from newborn to size 1 diapers. My little man is getting to be not quite so little.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

first week!

Our little bean is 8 days old and we can't believe how fast time is flying! We love him sooooo much he's probably already thinking he's got to get away from our affection if he only could. :o) I'm glad we have a few years left before he's too cool for mom's smooches. I'm getting in as many as I can right now though!

We've had a busy busy week! After the pediatrician appointments earlier this week we finally felt like we could settle in to life as 3. B is eating like a champ now. His cheeks and chin are literally getting fuller by the day it seems. (Which just gives me more surface area to nibble on ;o).

Yesterday we had plumbers at our house all morning fixing a pipe that was rotted out below our basement floor. *sigh* Seems like we had to have a reality check to bring us back down from Cloud 9. This required that they use a jackhammer to get through the concrete of our basement floor. And Mr. Man slept through it like there was nothing going on. I swear he could sleep through a freight train going through the house.

Today we got to hang out with Mindy, Lee, and Barrett who are down for the weekend. We had a photo shoot for the boys and ended up getting some great family pics and individual shots of the little guys too. I saw a few shots as she was flipping through them on her camera and they're incredible. I'm still having a hard time believe that I've been blessed with such a sweet son and nephew. When the proofs are available, I'll let you know how to see them.

aunt mindy gave me a mohawk

That's about all for now. He's still sleeping great (knock on wood). We're sloooowly catching up on sleep. Nothing will be like a straight 8 hours, but he's so worth our drowsiness. He lost his belly button tonight (*sniff*). I felt like I should save it or something but it was SO gross so don't worry, I threw it away. :) Still trying to decide if he has an innie or an outie. I think it's an innie, but there's still some stuff on it that makes me think it's an outie. :) We shall see!

Hope you're all well! Drop us a note and let us know how you are.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

good to go

I figured I better stop by and let you know how we're doing. Things are still going well! B looooves his sleep. We're having to wake him up to eat around the clock. Joey and I are getting pretty well rested at night, but it's not quite as nice as 8 straight hours of sleep. I wouldn't trade this kid for all the sleep in the world though, he's sooo worth it.

When we left the hospital Friday, B was down to 7 lbs 4 oz. Our pediatrician (who is AWESOME) wasn't too concerned with his weight loss (down from 7 lbs 11 oz. at birth) but had us schedule an appointment for Monday just to check his weight and see how he's doing. So yesterday we went and he was down to 7 lbs 1 oz. We were working through some feeding issues so it was understandable, but the doc had us come back in today. And we're happy to report that our little chunky monkey was up to 7 lbs 3.5 oz today... which means he gained 2.5 oz in 24 hours - way more than the .5 - 1 ounce average for this point in his life. Yay! Such a relief and now we don't have to go back for 3 weeks!

Now we're just ready for some nice weather so we can go for a walk! I really need to get out of the house, but when it's 15 degrees out, multiple trips outside with a newborn probably aren't the best idea. And liable to give the grandmas a heart attack.

That's about all for now. Hope you're well!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

the one in which cletus becomes b

I think I'm finally caught up on everything else computer-wise and hopefully can remember enough of B's quick journey to join the human race to share it with you. Oh and he's sleeping. So if he'll let me, I'll tell you his story before he wakes up. Warning: it's not super gory or anything, but there might be stuff you just don't care about, if so, just skip to the pictures. :o)

We checked into the hospital at 7:30 pm on Tuesday night. I was nervous but excited. There's that whole fear of the unknown thing and I was trying to keep it from getting the best of me. We were taken to our room and the nurse quickly came in and we started answering questions and signing papers. I was still nervous but doing better now that I was situated in bed. Then she attempted to start my IV which was, by far, the worst part of the entire labor and delivery process. I'm serious. I have good veins, every nurse and blood-getter-person tells me this, but this nurse was not good with my veins and blew two of them in my right arm. Which made me all but pass out. I got all hot and yucky feeling - this happens to me sometimes, but not usually with needles. It took about 10 minutes but I finally got back to normal. Thankfully they had a different (better) nurse come in and get my IV going on my left hand. Which I was secretly thankful for because I'm right handed and I have no clue why they were starting with my right arm in the first place. Anywho. At that same moment, they came in to do my blood draw as well. I was overwhelmed with pokes, but it was done for a while.

When I started I was 2cm dilated and 20% effaced. They started the cyto.tec at 8:45 pm (this is just a medicine to get things kick-started, but not usually strong enough to send you flying into labor). The plan was to let things work over night and start the pito.cin (contraction med) at 5am. So at 10pm, the nurse came back in and said I should get some sleep and that my OB had offered an Am.bien (sleep drug) if I wanted one. I said sure because I was so anxious I knew I wouldn't sleep. Well it just kind of made me loopy and drowsy but didn't send me into total deep sleep. Well then I got up to use the restroom at 1:15 am and my water broke on its own. Which was fine and good, but then I started having contractions, and really wanted to walk to try to manage them. I was just really tired and the Am.bien made me kind of out of it, but Joey and I walked for a while.

The contractions were getting more intense after the walk, but I was breathing through them. Joey was napping on the pull out couch while I was contracting - which sounds funny in retrospect that he wasn't right there beside me, but I was really wanting him to sleep and was doing totally fine getting through them by myself. Every so often I was making him time the contractions and they were about 3-5 min apart. They had contraction and fetal heart rate monitors on my belly, but B was wiggling around so much that they weren't super effective - like I was contracting, noticeably, but there wasn't even a bump on the contraction monitor.

Finally around 4am, I couldn't take the pain and was sooooo tired. I asked for some drugs and they gave me Nu.bain. Which was the most delightful medicine ever! It made me all warm and fuzzy feeling and I was able to sleep for an hour or so. I was still feeling the contractions more mildly but was snoozing between them.

They started the pito.cin at 5am and I was around 2.5cm and 80% effaced. We thought progress was going to be slow and were betting on a late afternoon delivery. Joey kept snoozing until around 8:45 when the epidural people came to save the day. Then he had to leave the room so he didn't pass out. :) Epidurals are the MOST fantastic medical invention - and I had a GREAT one. I couldn't feel a thing - just had enough sensation to lift my legs if they needed me to roll over, but no pain or pressure even. When I got the epidural I was at 5cm and -2 station.

The epidural helped me relax a ton, but I was still feeling contractions in my back. We later realized he was facing up (heads down still, but facing the ceiling instead of the floor). When they're facing heads up, the back of his head is driving into your spine with every contraction and it's pretty painful). Also, his heart was decelerating quite a bit during contractions and they were having me switch from side to side every so often to try to keep his heart rate up.

They checked me at 11:35 and I was at 7cm... progress was slow but steady. Still thinking we were in for a late afternoon delivery. Right after she checked me, I started feeling all kinds of pressure and weird movement. She checked me just 10 minutes later, at 11:45 and I was at 10cm and ready to push! Since he was face up it was taking forever, but then he magically flipped to face down like he should be and dropped instantly and we were ready to go! My OB was on her way over anyway, so it was all perfect timing. They had me "labor down" for the next hour or so which basically meant don't do anything but lay still - which would have really sucked if I didn't have an epidural, but since I couldn't feel anything I just napped. :) I started pushing at 12:50 or so. They quickly realized his cord must be around his neck because his heart was REALLY slowing down during contractions/pushing. My OB decided we should just get him out more quickly so she wanted to use the vacuum on his head to help pull him out while I pushed. This sped things up a lot and after only 10 more minutes of pushing, B entered the world at 1:06pm!

And Joey didn't even pass out! :) He sat right beside me and held my hand during contractions and was a great support. He's a bit queasy with these things, but he did great!

Anyway, after B-man's semi-traumatic birth with the vacuum and the cord (oh, and he was attempting to "dive" out - he had one arm around his neck and his other hand up by his face), he wasn't so much interested in breathing. They had to give him oxygen to get him going but we we knew he was in good hands and weren't too worried.

That was it! He was ours. :) Worth every delirious, sleep-deprived moment so far.

So that's pretty much it! Like I said, he's worth every moment of frustration. He's completely got us wrapped around his long, long fingers.

And I couldn't leave you without showing him off a bit... this is from after his first bath tonight. He didn't really like it but he now smells completely delicious again. :)

Friday, March 6, 2009

sweet B

I thought I could hopefully squeeze out a quick post while the little man is sleeping on me and before he decides the middle of the night is playtime again. I shouldn't kid, he's a GREAT baby. Not quite sure how we lucked out so much and got such a calm baby but you won't hear us complaining! He's brought such a calmness to our little family already, and it's been a great thing.

We're doing well, truly. I told Joey if all babies were this easy to bring into the world and "get through" the first few days with, I'd have 10! Ok, probably not really, but he's sure a joy. (*knock on wood*!) He's sleeping on me right now while daddy catches some zzzz's and B-man decides if he's going to let momma sleep for a while or if he just wants to be held.

We're heading home in the "morning" - aka a few hours. We always love company! Just give us a call first to make sure we're around and awake. (And it's probably obvious, but just a reminder if you're a bit under the weather, we'd love it if you'd wait to come play until you feel better. Mr. B's immune system is all shiny and new and we don't want to give it a run for its money quite yet. :o)

I promise a better post with the story of Tuesday night/Wednesday morning. And I have a ton of pictures to get off the camera. But for now a quick sneak peek will have to suffice... the sandman is calling my name.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

angel baby

He's heeeeere! Sorry I'm slow with the update, as the Little Man is 9 1/2 hours old.


Brecken Jace Lee
March 4, 2009
1:06 pm
7lbs 11oz
21 inches

We're really, really, really fantastic. He's healthy and that's all we could ever want. We think he's pretty cute too. :o) We're just about to go to sleep if we can. Brecken hasn't so much as cried unless he's REALLY mad (which is only when he's cold). So hopefully he'll let us sleep for a few hours. Wish us luck.

Oh, and the pictures, why you're REALLY reading this, I know. ;o)

brecken 021

brecken 022


brecken 044

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Deep breaths...

Here goes nothing! We're just about to leave for the Hotel Hospital.

We're coming to get you, B.

We'll update as soon as he is here and we're able!

Lots of love!
alison and joey

Monday, March 2, 2009


Same as yesterday... nothing to report. Is it starting to feel a little like Groundhog Day around here, or is it just me?

Looks like we're set for checking into the hospital tomorrow night at 7:30. I tend to freak out a smidge in the anticipation of medical procedures, so I'd love any extra thoughts or prayers you could spare for the next 24 hours especially. I will be fine once we get there, but it's just the getting there that I struggle with. Thankfully Joey's a great calmer-downer and will be right there.

So in 48 hours or so this bean should be out of his cozy home and have us wrapped around his fingers.

I'll try to update tomorrow before we get to the hospital or once we're settled in.

Thanks again for the love!

Sunday, March 1, 2009


Still just hanging out. Nothing to update today. :) Still hoping for progress before the induction on Tuesday night. Thanks for your thoughts and prayers!