Wednesday, March 25, 2009

3 weeks!

Happy 3 week birthday to our B-man.

We are surviving nights without the every-4-hour alarm clock to feed Mr. Man. Ironically he still wakes up about every 4 hours. Although the night before last we had two 5 hour stretches that made momma veeeery excited.

We had B's 3 week pediatrician appointment this morning. And he's quite the little model patient. Our last visit, at 6 days old, he was 7lbs 3.5oz. Today, just 15 days later, he weighed in at a hefty 8 lbs 15.4 oz. Little Mister has gained 1lb 12 oz in just 15 days. This is awesome as we were all a trite concerned about his weight in the early days as he dropped almost a pound after birth. His weight puts him in the 45th percentile. He's grown 3/4 of an inch since birth and is now at 21 3/4" - the 80th percentile for height. But the most fascinating measurement of the day? His head. If you'll remember back to a month and a half ago or so, we were thinking I would be giving birth to a baby with an enormous head and were quite concerned that he could even be delivered normally. He came through delivery just fine and his head measured 14 inches - this is on the "big" side of normal but we were all confused about where that huge head on the ultrasound went. But today? His head was measuring 15 1/2" - his head has grown an inch and a half in 3 weeks and is now measuring in the 90th percentile. So this kid is long and skinny and has a gigantor head. Which means nothing in the whole scheme of things other than a big head equals big cheeks for me to nibble on.

Other than those fascinating (or not) numbers, B is in great health. His head is still a little swollen on the top/side from the vacuum delivery but the pedi assured us that's totally normal and due to the sheer amount of fluid that is sucked into the skin during a vacuum delivery. It will all dissipate but may take a month or two.

Our next visit is the 2 month appointment. In which scary things (to momma) like shots are given. Eee.

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