Friday, March 6, 2009

sweet B

I thought I could hopefully squeeze out a quick post while the little man is sleeping on me and before he decides the middle of the night is playtime again. I shouldn't kid, he's a GREAT baby. Not quite sure how we lucked out so much and got such a calm baby but you won't hear us complaining! He's brought such a calmness to our little family already, and it's been a great thing.

We're doing well, truly. I told Joey if all babies were this easy to bring into the world and "get through" the first few days with, I'd have 10! Ok, probably not really, but he's sure a joy. (*knock on wood*!) He's sleeping on me right now while daddy catches some zzzz's and B-man decides if he's going to let momma sleep for a while or if he just wants to be held.

We're heading home in the "morning" - aka a few hours. We always love company! Just give us a call first to make sure we're around and awake. (And it's probably obvious, but just a reminder if you're a bit under the weather, we'd love it if you'd wait to come play until you feel better. Mr. B's immune system is all shiny and new and we don't want to give it a run for its money quite yet. :o)

I promise a better post with the story of Tuesday night/Wednesday morning. And I have a ton of pictures to get off the camera. But for now a quick sneak peek will have to suffice... the sandman is calling my name.

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  1. OMG! LOVE HIM!!!! I want to come back out to NE...NOW!

    I can already tell the two B's are going to be bestest buddies!


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