Thursday, March 12, 2009

first week!

Our little bean is 8 days old and we can't believe how fast time is flying! We love him sooooo much he's probably already thinking he's got to get away from our affection if he only could. :o) I'm glad we have a few years left before he's too cool for mom's smooches. I'm getting in as many as I can right now though!

We've had a busy busy week! After the pediatrician appointments earlier this week we finally felt like we could settle in to life as 3. B is eating like a champ now. His cheeks and chin are literally getting fuller by the day it seems. (Which just gives me more surface area to nibble on ;o).

Yesterday we had plumbers at our house all morning fixing a pipe that was rotted out below our basement floor. *sigh* Seems like we had to have a reality check to bring us back down from Cloud 9. This required that they use a jackhammer to get through the concrete of our basement floor. And Mr. Man slept through it like there was nothing going on. I swear he could sleep through a freight train going through the house.

Today we got to hang out with Mindy, Lee, and Barrett who are down for the weekend. We had a photo shoot for the boys and ended up getting some great family pics and individual shots of the little guys too. I saw a few shots as she was flipping through them on her camera and they're incredible. I'm still having a hard time believe that I've been blessed with such a sweet son and nephew. When the proofs are available, I'll let you know how to see them.

aunt mindy gave me a mohawk

That's about all for now. He's still sleeping great (knock on wood). We're sloooowly catching up on sleep. Nothing will be like a straight 8 hours, but he's so worth our drowsiness. He lost his belly button tonight (*sniff*). I felt like I should save it or something but it was SO gross so don't worry, I threw it away. :) Still trying to decide if he has an innie or an outie. I think it's an innie, but there's still some stuff on it that makes me think it's an outie. :) We shall see!

Hope you're all well! Drop us a note and let us know how you are.

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