Saturday, March 7, 2009

the one in which cletus becomes b

I think I'm finally caught up on everything else computer-wise and hopefully can remember enough of B's quick journey to join the human race to share it with you. Oh and he's sleeping. So if he'll let me, I'll tell you his story before he wakes up. Warning: it's not super gory or anything, but there might be stuff you just don't care about, if so, just skip to the pictures. :o)

We checked into the hospital at 7:30 pm on Tuesday night. I was nervous but excited. There's that whole fear of the unknown thing and I was trying to keep it from getting the best of me. We were taken to our room and the nurse quickly came in and we started answering questions and signing papers. I was still nervous but doing better now that I was situated in bed. Then she attempted to start my IV which was, by far, the worst part of the entire labor and delivery process. I'm serious. I have good veins, every nurse and blood-getter-person tells me this, but this nurse was not good with my veins and blew two of them in my right arm. Which made me all but pass out. I got all hot and yucky feeling - this happens to me sometimes, but not usually with needles. It took about 10 minutes but I finally got back to normal. Thankfully they had a different (better) nurse come in and get my IV going on my left hand. Which I was secretly thankful for because I'm right handed and I have no clue why they were starting with my right arm in the first place. Anywho. At that same moment, they came in to do my blood draw as well. I was overwhelmed with pokes, but it was done for a while.

When I started I was 2cm dilated and 20% effaced. They started the cyto.tec at 8:45 pm (this is just a medicine to get things kick-started, but not usually strong enough to send you flying into labor). The plan was to let things work over night and start the pito.cin (contraction med) at 5am. So at 10pm, the nurse came back in and said I should get some sleep and that my OB had offered an Am.bien (sleep drug) if I wanted one. I said sure because I was so anxious I knew I wouldn't sleep. Well it just kind of made me loopy and drowsy but didn't send me into total deep sleep. Well then I got up to use the restroom at 1:15 am and my water broke on its own. Which was fine and good, but then I started having contractions, and really wanted to walk to try to manage them. I was just really tired and the Am.bien made me kind of out of it, but Joey and I walked for a while.

The contractions were getting more intense after the walk, but I was breathing through them. Joey was napping on the pull out couch while I was contracting - which sounds funny in retrospect that he wasn't right there beside me, but I was really wanting him to sleep and was doing totally fine getting through them by myself. Every so often I was making him time the contractions and they were about 3-5 min apart. They had contraction and fetal heart rate monitors on my belly, but B was wiggling around so much that they weren't super effective - like I was contracting, noticeably, but there wasn't even a bump on the contraction monitor.

Finally around 4am, I couldn't take the pain and was sooooo tired. I asked for some drugs and they gave me Nu.bain. Which was the most delightful medicine ever! It made me all warm and fuzzy feeling and I was able to sleep for an hour or so. I was still feeling the contractions more mildly but was snoozing between them.

They started the pito.cin at 5am and I was around 2.5cm and 80% effaced. We thought progress was going to be slow and were betting on a late afternoon delivery. Joey kept snoozing until around 8:45 when the epidural people came to save the day. Then he had to leave the room so he didn't pass out. :) Epidurals are the MOST fantastic medical invention - and I had a GREAT one. I couldn't feel a thing - just had enough sensation to lift my legs if they needed me to roll over, but no pain or pressure even. When I got the epidural I was at 5cm and -2 station.

The epidural helped me relax a ton, but I was still feeling contractions in my back. We later realized he was facing up (heads down still, but facing the ceiling instead of the floor). When they're facing heads up, the back of his head is driving into your spine with every contraction and it's pretty painful). Also, his heart was decelerating quite a bit during contractions and they were having me switch from side to side every so often to try to keep his heart rate up.

They checked me at 11:35 and I was at 7cm... progress was slow but steady. Still thinking we were in for a late afternoon delivery. Right after she checked me, I started feeling all kinds of pressure and weird movement. She checked me just 10 minutes later, at 11:45 and I was at 10cm and ready to push! Since he was face up it was taking forever, but then he magically flipped to face down like he should be and dropped instantly and we were ready to go! My OB was on her way over anyway, so it was all perfect timing. They had me "labor down" for the next hour or so which basically meant don't do anything but lay still - which would have really sucked if I didn't have an epidural, but since I couldn't feel anything I just napped. :) I started pushing at 12:50 or so. They quickly realized his cord must be around his neck because his heart was REALLY slowing down during contractions/pushing. My OB decided we should just get him out more quickly so she wanted to use the vacuum on his head to help pull him out while I pushed. This sped things up a lot and after only 10 more minutes of pushing, B entered the world at 1:06pm!

And Joey didn't even pass out! :) He sat right beside me and held my hand during contractions and was a great support. He's a bit queasy with these things, but he did great!

Anyway, after B-man's semi-traumatic birth with the vacuum and the cord (oh, and he was attempting to "dive" out - he had one arm around his neck and his other hand up by his face), he wasn't so much interested in breathing. They had to give him oxygen to get him going but we we knew he was in good hands and weren't too worried.

That was it! He was ours. :) Worth every delirious, sleep-deprived moment so far.

So that's pretty much it! Like I said, he's worth every moment of frustration. He's completely got us wrapped around his long, long fingers.

And I couldn't leave you without showing him off a bit... this is from after his first bath tonight. He didn't really like it but he now smells completely delicious again. :)

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