Friday, April 17, 2009

not so little

B is growing like a weed, it seems. Our little one is not so little anymore.

He was 6 weeks old on Wednesday:

His little cheeks are getting rounder every time I look at him, and his multiple chins make an appearance several times a day.

And sometimes his face looks so chubby that it seems hard to get his mouth closed:
chubby cheeeeks

We had a great Easter! B's great-grandparents came down for the weekend. He loved all the extra attention.

And he got a huge caterpillar for Easter from Joey's parents:
gigantic caterpillar from grandpa don and grandma sherri

And some sunglasses:
my future's so bright...

We use the video chat feature on to video chat with my mom and Auntie K once a week or so. We have to keep the in-person visits up though or we joke that B will grow up thinking they live inside the computer. :)

This is us during a chat session (he doesn't always looks that confused):
during a skype chat

I know I sound like a broken record, but he's growing so much every day. Some new things he's doing:
  • Outgrowing diapers like crazy! We're in a size 2 now.
  • Outgrowing clothes like crazy! He's mostly in 3 month stuff... which seems weird since he's a month and a half old. Although some of the 3 month stuff is getting really short on him.
  • According to the bathroom scale (highly technical I realize) he's 12 pounds.
  • He's getting much, much better at holding his head up!
  • He's smiling like crazy and giggling. The giggles sound more like he's hyperventilating, but it's cute.
That's about all for now. He's doing the hungry dance so I suppose I should help him out. Hope you're all well!


  1. I am thinking he is starting to look like his Daddy.

    I need to get a smooch on those big cheeks...SOON!

  2. These are my demands..i will give you the silent treatment until they are met:

    1. Update your blog
    2. Update your blog

    That is all. Thankyou :)


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