Sunday, April 5, 2009

one month

Wow, has it really been a month that this sweet kid has been in our lives? (Technically one month and one day since I'm a little slow :o). On one hand we can't believe that time has flown this fast and on the other we don't remember what life was like before him. We're so very blessed.

We've been busy lately! We celebrated B's one month birthday yesterday by visiting Grandma Brenda who was at the state bowling tournament in Omaha. He was quite the charmer and had a crowd gathered around him most of the afternoon. (Until one woman asked if she could "steal" him and walked away to "show him off" and had Joey hot on her heels - it was a bit, umm, odd of her.)

B is growing and changing by the day of course. His cheeeeeeeeks are getting bigger and even more nibble-able. He's sleeping well still - he wakes every 4 or so hours at night to eat. He's been sleeping in his crib since the night we got home from the hospital, so I think the consistency has helped him figure out bedtime a bit better. He naps off and on during the day. But when he's awake, he's wide awake.

He even started smiling at us, for real:
best smile so far!

He loves to sit in his swing and starts to laugh and "talk" to us after a bit:
brecken 405

He loves bathtime! He enjoys a really, really warm bath (but not hot, don't worry :o) and is so relaxed that he closes his eyes and attempts to fall asleep.

He's grown out of some of his newborn clothes already. Yikes! He's such a long, skinny kid that it's hard to tell when something is too little - it's usually about 3 hours after I've had him in it that I notice that the arms are wayyyy too short. :)

I can't believe I have just 7 weeks of leave yet. It's flying! Munchkin and I spend a lot of time cuddling and hanging out during the weekdays. Daytime TV is horribly boring. Good think I have the laptop to keep me occupied too. :)

Hope you're all well!

Here's one more picture for good measure.
such the little man


  1. HEY! I know that second outfit. :o) I am thinking Mr. Cutie pants is looking like his Momma.

    If I ever joke that I am stealing him and walk away, Joey won't be able to catch me! :o)

  2. awesome kicks b-man :D
    i can't wait to see you again!!

    love..auntie m


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