Tuesday, May 12, 2009

...and then I turned 10 weeks old

Hello Everyone! B here. My mom is soooo slow with updating this page so I told her I was taking it over. I can't quite hold my toys in my hands yet, but look at me type!

This is what I look like now:

sacked out

Cute, huh?
Let's see, what has happened since my mom last updated. Lots!
I had lots and lots of family come see me in April. I didn't know who all those people are, but they sure spoiled me! I was pretty sleepy while they were here though, so I didn't get to hang out with them much.
Then my cool cousin came the next weekend! Or so I was told. I don't think I really realized he was here until mom was talking about it later. But one of these days we're going to realize the other person exists and then lookout World!! We're gonna be troublemakers! :)

Aren't we cute!!!!!

I sure wish we were closer to everyone, but it does make hanging out with them lots of fun. Grandma  gives me these kisses behind my ears when she sees me that tickle!


The first weekend in May we had my dedication at church. It was a big deal - there were over 50 babies being dedicated that day! I slept through most of it, but mom and dad were very happy throughout the service and that made me content. They promised to teach me all about God as I grow up and to pray for me. That God is a pretty cool guy! Of course I had to wear something cute for the dedication, according to mom:

ready for my dedication!

The next day I turned 2 months old! Mom took me to my pediatrician for my two month visit. I love that guy, he makes silly faces at me and makes me laugh! Mom kept calling me a "giant baby". I guess I'm doing a good job at putting on weight. I weighed 13 pounds, 1.5 oz (75th percentile), I was 24 inches long (85th percentile), and my big ol' head was 16 5/8 inches (95th percentile). My doctor said I looked perfect and was growing so strong and doing just great!
This is me when I was 2 months old:

2 months!
When I was two months old, mom and dad opened my college savings account. They say I have to go to college, so they're going to help me I guess. They say college will cost lots of money in 2027 so we're starting early. They also told me I better be really smart or really good at football so I can get a scholarship.

Last weekend, mom and dad took me on my first vacation! We went to Kansas City to this play called Coco Key. It's this giant water park. We got to play in the water for a while. I was the littlest swimmer there, but it won't be long before I'm a little fish in the water.
practicing swimming with daddy

Tomorrow I will be 10 weeks old. Double digits! Mom says she can't believe how fast time has gone, but it all seems the same from my point of view. As my eyes have gotten stronger I can just see mom and dad more clearly now. As long as they keep my belly full and my diaper clean, I'm pretty happy!

Mom goes back to work on the 27th, but she's doing two practice half-days at work next week. Which means I get to hang out at daycare while she's gone. I think she'll be just fine at work, because I know I'll be having fun at daycare! Then she or dad can pick me up and tell me all about their days.
Thanks for checking on us! It's about time for me to play with some toys, so I have to go for now. I'll be back soon, I promise, if I can get mom to let me on the computer again.