Thursday, June 4, 2009

3 magical months!

B turned 3 months old today! (13 minutes ago to be exact...)

This was before daycare this morning:
3 months old today!

All of a sudden he's growing in leaps and bounds. Every day is something new and exciting it seems. When I go pick him up out of his crib in the mornings, some days I swear he's gained a pound over night!

What's new with B-man?

Well, for one thing, he rolled over last Sunday for the first time, all on his own, from tummy to back. These are the pictures of it, in action. When I realized what he was doing, I about screamed in excitement, and managed to capture it! :)

Step one, assume tummy position:
Rolling over - step 1!

Step two, throw your head back in an attempt to see the TV. Continue to do so until you lose your balance:
Rolling over - step 2!

Step three, flop on your back and look totally confused as to how you got there:
Rolling over - step 3!

He's done it a few times since then - at least once per day at daycare. I caught him in action on Monday night doing it, but I wasn't quite quick enough with the camera this time. I have a video of this that I'll post after I finish this post because it seems that I can't add video to this post. So look for it too!

Joey has been on the road for a work trip since last Saturday and unfortunately missed B's first showing of mobility. B and I have been practicing though, and we're hoping he'll show his stuff to daddy when he gets home!

Brecken started daycare on May 27th when I went back to work. We both love it! B is practicing his "baby exercises" and is doing so well at holding his head up. I know everyone says their baby is so strong, but he is really SO STRONG. He'll be walking before we know it!
He also likes to babble - and this is probably my favorite "trick" of his so far. I have a good video of him talking, but again, I can't put it on this post so I will post it when I'm done
What else is new...
He's in 3-6 month clothes! The boy has SOOOOOOOOO many clothes. We could honestly clothe triplets and still have some to spare. It's a wonderful blessing, but wow! He's also in size 3 diapers now.
Brecken is drinking 6 oz, 5 times a day (every 3-4 hours or so). We're going to try to hold off on solids until he's 6 months old, but we'll see what the ped. says at his next appointment (July 2nd). He's been sleeping through the night for a good month if not longer. He goes down around 10 and sleeps until 7ish. We're very lucky. Very very lucky. It must have been all those talks we had about sleeping in while he was still in my belly.

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