Monday, October 26, 2009

christmas cards and the punkin patch

I'm declaring blogger bankruptcy... I can't believe it's been 2 (!!) months since I last gave you an update on our little dude! I've decided that rather than try to catch you up on every little thing that's gone on in the past 2 months, I will try to give you shorter updates from now on of what we're up to.

But first (because I have a captive audience - ha!) I just want to let you know that my little designs business has Christmas cards ready and waiting for your smiling faces! Check out all the details at! If you want something from scratch, I can do that too.


Yesterday, Joey and I took B to Roca Berry Farm to the pumpkin patch! We fully realize he will have zero memory of this, but we got some super cute pics of him and the sea of orange. It was a lot of fun except for the chilly wind that was blowing off and on.

Here's a few pictures of the afternoon (you can click to open them in flickr, and if you need added as our friend on flickr to see the pictures, just let me know!)

brecken 102

brecken 124

brecken 127

brecken 117

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  1. I am starting to think that B looks a lot like you, especially when he smiles....

    I need my cutey-cute pic fix! THANK YOU!!!!


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