Sunday, March 28, 2010

shiny new floors

When we moved into our house 3 years ago (this week!) we loved the wood floors in the dining room, hallway, and bedrooms. They give our 55 year old house character! Well a year and a half ago, shortly after we found out we were pregnant, I had one of those sleepless midnight thoughts - hey what if there is a wood floor beneath the icky white carpet in the living room too?

If you know me at all, you know I'm not one to let the grass grow beneath my feet when it comes to home improvement projects, especially free ones! We'd wanted to replace the carpet in the living room eventually, but the next morning I woke up pulled the carpet up in the corner a little and sure enough, we had a wood floor in the living room too!

We decided to bite the bullet and just take the carpet out, not fully knowing what the floor would look like underneath. Anything would be better for our baby-on-the-way to crawl on than the white carpet that was in there.

So we got the carpet up and the floors were in pretty rough shape. There were patches where the finish was missing entirely.

Growing up, my great-grandparents had an enormous orange rug in their basement. Really this rug was to me the identity of their house. After being shuffled around, this rug finally made its way to our house and was the perfect accessory to cover up the stained wood floor.

Anyway, fast forward to February and we decided that since Brecken was on the verge of walking, we really wanted to get the floor refinished and that project marked off our to-do list.

We found an awesome local floor company and after a week of not being able to stay in the house, they were done and they are gorgeous! They did a fantastic job.


Brecken approves:

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


After Brecken's epic day when he showed me his ears, we had a bit of radio silence following. Joey was out of town for work on the "ears!" day, and I was anxious to show off B's new talent as soon as he returned. But Brecken wasn't interested in showing off to his daddy. At all. I think it took almost another week before we finally got the ear-tug out of B, and I was so proud.

Lately though he's turning into quite the show off! The other day we asked him to "brush his teeth" and he takes his fingers and wiggles them between his lips to make that "finger wiggle" sound. (You know you want to try it now, go ahead, I'll wait. :)

Then we said "How big is Brecken?" and he threw his arms up for "soooo big!".

If you ask for a kiss, he leans into give you an open mouthed, drooly smooch.

And if you ask for an eskimo kiss, he just starts shaking his head back and forth - nevermind the fact that he forgets to put his nose on yours first. :)

It's so fun to watch him grow up, that's a given for any new parent I'm sure. But we're just at the tipping point where he's outgrowing his non-responsive infant self, and turning into a big boy who really can listen and respond to what you're saying. It's so fun.

Not as fun as when he throws himself on the floor because you're not picking him up right. that. instant. Much woe and disdain. It seems like we've hit the terrible twos a wee bit early.

I'll take the woe and disdain, as long as it means I get an eskimo too.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

normal day

I recently stumbled upon this blog, and if you've got a minute to read it, she is amazing. But start with this post. And grab a kleenex first.

Last month Kelle had a post with the following quote, and it moved me. You see I'm kind of someone who wishes my days away a teensy bit. I'm always looking forward to the weekends (aren't we all?) and sort of hoping to speed through the everydays to get there.

But since I read this little gem, I've really been trying to make a conscious effort to stop doing that. To cherish the everydays. Because the normal days are a gift, yet they're not guaranteed.

"Normal day, let me be aware of the treasure you are. Let me learn from
you, love you, bless you before you depart. Let me not pass you by in quest of
some rare and perfect tomorrow. Let me hold you while I may, for it may not
always be so. One day, I shall dig my nails into the earth, or bury my face in
the pillow, or stretch myself taut, or raise my hands to the sky and want, more
than all the world, your return."

I need to find a special place to hang this, so I see it every normal day.

Monday, March 15, 2010

first walk of the spring

Or maybe I should say the last walk of the winter, since Spring finally, officially arrives next weekend! It's been freezing for months and spring seemed so far away.

Brecken got this cute little buggy for his birthday from Grandpa Don and Grandma Sherri and we decided even though it was 48 and cloudy we'd give it a test drive.

And he loved it!

[we have no idea what he did to his head, he's allllll boy though with the bruises and scratches!]


We've been practicing some of Brecken's body parts over the last few weeks - "this is your NOSE" "this is your EYE!" "these are your EARS". Nose seem to be the easiest and we've been doing that one the most.

So imagine my surprise yesterday afternoon when I said "Brecken, where is your ear?!" and he tugged at his right ear! I was shocked, in a great way!

Thinking it was surely a fluke, I asked him to do it again and sure enough he showed me his right ear.

Then later on while we were killing time in a Wal.mart line, I asked him to show me his ear again and this time he tugged on his left ear! It's so exciting to see him turning into such a little man.


Brecken turned 1 nine days ago, and we all survived the first birthday party!

We got a few pics taken at Portrait Innovations. They were ok - considering he was a crab monster and so not wanting to smile, I'm happy with them. Definitely not as cute as his newborn photos though.

He's always had his own little personality, but lately it seems like he's really blooming. If I can use a flower metaphor for my son (shh, don't tell his dad). The wheels are turning with every new thing and I can just tell he's trying to figure out how things work. He's still calm and sweet, but he's got a fierce independent streak running lately that simultaneously makes me so proud and horrifies me. If he doesn't get his way it's game over. It's comically pathetic though when he's whining so eventually we win. :)

His actual birthday was pretty uneventful. Mindy, Lee, and Barrett came to see us and we wanted to go to the Children's Museum or something fun, but the day got away from us. We ended up at a random chicken restaurant for lunch and ordered pizza for supper. Oh well, he won't remember it and the rest of us enjoyed the day!

This shirt is courtesy of Brooke who has started her own onesie/t-shirt applique business called bubsicle. Cutest little shirt ever! And the hat is courtesy of my friend Suzy (who also sent me an adorable stamped necklace that says "Queen Bee" on it - LOVE it!)

We think he looks a little Jamaican in this picture with the hat and all. :)

So! The party! This is Brecken and his cousin Barrett. They are 3 months apart. We are in biiig trouble when they are older. :)

B shirt courtesy of the lovely and talented Jen.

I made these cookies. Which may or may not look like mice. The jury is still out.

And this cake. Note to self: next year the cake will require no black food coloring. Also, I will buy clear vanilla extract for the frosting so it doesn't turn cream-colored.

B's cake was just baked in a old Pyrex bowl I had. It's small and perfect.

I got this banner. She was very fast! It may or may not still be hanging up in our living room. Ok, it is. I don't know when I'll take it down.

Cake! Because I know that's what you all came for. Also, I hung yellow ribbons across the window and then paper clipped pics of his first year to them.

Annnd, we're done with cake. Bath time!

Do you see him holding the balloons? Cute huh?

We thought so too until he carried them around for the next 2 days.

He would scream when we tried to take them...

Eventually he forgot about them. Thankfully.


Um, he's walking. Approximately 1 hour after Barrett arrived he got a bit more serious about taking steps. By his birthday he was walking between places without our prodding. And now he still prefers to be near the couch, etc. but he walks all over the place. Fun! Scary! :)


His 1 year appointment was a week ago. Other than the 4 shots he got, he was happy! :) He's 25lb 10oz (85th percentile); 31" (90th percentile); and his head is monster as always, 19.5" (above the 97th percentile).

He's right on track for everything he should be doing, development-wise. He only really knows 1 word ("light"), which makes me a wee bit nervous, but our dr. said the normal for words at 12 months is 2 words. So as long as we're in the ballpark, we're fine. He said to expect an explosion of words between now and 15 months, so hopefully he'll be chatty by then. He babbles all the time and we've established that I'm mom and Joey is dad, but he usually says mom-mom-maaaaa when he's playing with his train so I don't know.

I can't wait to see what year 2 brings! If it's anything as amazing as year one, we're in for an awesome ride! Thanks for being there with us on our journey! :)

annnd we're back!

Sorry for the brief 4 month delay in posts! We've been busy, but it's time to get back to posting on here! I like to be able to look back on our lives and we're not going to have anything to look back on at the rate we're going! :) I even switched things around a bit and now Joey has his very own account, and we may see a post or two from him every now and then.

My goal is to write more frequent, shorter posts of what we're up to. I already have a few planned. As in I'm going to write them right now! So stay tuned!

Here we go!