Monday, March 15, 2010


Brecken turned 1 nine days ago, and we all survived the first birthday party!

We got a few pics taken at Portrait Innovations. They were ok - considering he was a crab monster and so not wanting to smile, I'm happy with them. Definitely not as cute as his newborn photos though.

He's always had his own little personality, but lately it seems like he's really blooming. If I can use a flower metaphor for my son (shh, don't tell his dad). The wheels are turning with every new thing and I can just tell he's trying to figure out how things work. He's still calm and sweet, but he's got a fierce independent streak running lately that simultaneously makes me so proud and horrifies me. If he doesn't get his way it's game over. It's comically pathetic though when he's whining so eventually we win. :)

His actual birthday was pretty uneventful. Mindy, Lee, and Barrett came to see us and we wanted to go to the Children's Museum or something fun, but the day got away from us. We ended up at a random chicken restaurant for lunch and ordered pizza for supper. Oh well, he won't remember it and the rest of us enjoyed the day!

This shirt is courtesy of Brooke who has started her own onesie/t-shirt applique business called bubsicle. Cutest little shirt ever! And the hat is courtesy of my friend Suzy (who also sent me an adorable stamped necklace that says "Queen Bee" on it - LOVE it!)

We think he looks a little Jamaican in this picture with the hat and all. :)

So! The party! This is Brecken and his cousin Barrett. They are 3 months apart. We are in biiig trouble when they are older. :)

B shirt courtesy of the lovely and talented Jen.

I made these cookies. Which may or may not look like mice. The jury is still out.

And this cake. Note to self: next year the cake will require no black food coloring. Also, I will buy clear vanilla extract for the frosting so it doesn't turn cream-colored.

B's cake was just baked in a old Pyrex bowl I had. It's small and perfect.

I got this banner. She was very fast! It may or may not still be hanging up in our living room. Ok, it is. I don't know when I'll take it down.

Cake! Because I know that's what you all came for. Also, I hung yellow ribbons across the window and then paper clipped pics of his first year to them.

Annnd, we're done with cake. Bath time!

Do you see him holding the balloons? Cute huh?

We thought so too until he carried them around for the next 2 days.

He would scream when we tried to take them...

Eventually he forgot about them. Thankfully.


Um, he's walking. Approximately 1 hour after Barrett arrived he got a bit more serious about taking steps. By his birthday he was walking between places without our prodding. And now he still prefers to be near the couch, etc. but he walks all over the place. Fun! Scary! :)


His 1 year appointment was a week ago. Other than the 4 shots he got, he was happy! :) He's 25lb 10oz (85th percentile); 31" (90th percentile); and his head is monster as always, 19.5" (above the 97th percentile).

He's right on track for everything he should be doing, development-wise. He only really knows 1 word ("light"), which makes me a wee bit nervous, but our dr. said the normal for words at 12 months is 2 words. So as long as we're in the ballpark, we're fine. He said to expect an explosion of words between now and 15 months, so hopefully he'll be chatty by then. He babbles all the time and we've established that I'm mom and Joey is dad, but he usually says mom-mom-maaaaa when he's playing with his train so I don't know.

I can't wait to see what year 2 brings! If it's anything as amazing as year one, we're in for an awesome ride! Thanks for being there with us on our journey! :)

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  1. You guys sure know how to throw a party! Happy 1st bday Brecken!


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