Sunday, March 28, 2010

shiny new floors

When we moved into our house 3 years ago (this week!) we loved the wood floors in the dining room, hallway, and bedrooms. They give our 55 year old house character! Well a year and a half ago, shortly after we found out we were pregnant, I had one of those sleepless midnight thoughts - hey what if there is a wood floor beneath the icky white carpet in the living room too?

If you know me at all, you know I'm not one to let the grass grow beneath my feet when it comes to home improvement projects, especially free ones! We'd wanted to replace the carpet in the living room eventually, but the next morning I woke up pulled the carpet up in the corner a little and sure enough, we had a wood floor in the living room too!

We decided to bite the bullet and just take the carpet out, not fully knowing what the floor would look like underneath. Anything would be better for our baby-on-the-way to crawl on than the white carpet that was in there.

So we got the carpet up and the floors were in pretty rough shape. There were patches where the finish was missing entirely.

Growing up, my great-grandparents had an enormous orange rug in their basement. Really this rug was to me the identity of their house. After being shuffled around, this rug finally made its way to our house and was the perfect accessory to cover up the stained wood floor.

Anyway, fast forward to February and we decided that since Brecken was on the verge of walking, we really wanted to get the floor refinished and that project marked off our to-do list.

We found an awesome local floor company and after a week of not being able to stay in the house, they were done and they are gorgeous! They did a fantastic job.


Brecken approves:

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  1. Love the new floors. And that handsome fella too!


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