Tuesday, March 23, 2010


After Brecken's epic day when he showed me his ears, we had a bit of radio silence following. Joey was out of town for work on the "ears!" day, and I was anxious to show off B's new talent as soon as he returned. But Brecken wasn't interested in showing off to his daddy. At all. I think it took almost another week before we finally got the ear-tug out of B, and I was so proud.

Lately though he's turning into quite the show off! The other day we asked him to "brush his teeth" and he takes his fingers and wiggles them between his lips to make that "finger wiggle" sound. (You know you want to try it now, go ahead, I'll wait. :)

Then we said "How big is Brecken?" and he threw his arms up for "soooo big!".

If you ask for a kiss, he leans into give you an open mouthed, drooly smooch.

And if you ask for an eskimo kiss, he just starts shaking his head back and forth - nevermind the fact that he forgets to put his nose on yours first. :)

It's so fun to watch him grow up, that's a given for any new parent I'm sure. But we're just at the tipping point where he's outgrowing his non-responsive infant self, and turning into a big boy who really can listen and respond to what you're saying. It's so fun.

Not as fun as when he throws himself on the floor because you're not picking him up right. that. instant. Much woe and disdain. It seems like we've hit the terrible twos a wee bit early.

I'll take the woe and disdain, as long as it means I get an eskimo too.


  1. Oh that sweet B! Love the sooooo big, and Eskimo kiss!

    What a sweetheart!

  2. He is such a smart little guy!

    I guess I need to ship my kids to to him for a week so they'll pick up his eskimo kiss trick! Nevermind the fact that he'd probably pick up their biting and smacking tricks. ;-)


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