Thursday, April 29, 2010

our month in (cell phone) photos

We're really really really bad with capturing Brecken's toddlerhood in photos lately. In April 2009, we took hundreds of photos of our one month old baybee. And April of 2010? Um, maybe 15? Maybe? But our cell phones are always close at hand, so that's what I have to present to you for the month. Lame, I know, must work on this!


We went on walks. All the time. Brecken would live outside if we let him, and I'm not exaggerating.

We sent cell phone photos to grandmas and aunties and thought about how much we missed them. We practiced giving kisses so we're all ready when we see them next week!

We got stuck in laundry baskets:

We got our rally mohawk ready for the spring football game (even though B didn't go):

We took self-portraits:

We oogled over the pretty blooms:

We watched a game that didn't matter, along with 80,000 other fans:

We marveled at some architecture:

We went to a game that did matter, but we lost:

We got sick... all of us. Brecken had a nasty high fever that now is a cough. I have a cough. Joey had a sore throat. But B also got 2 new teeth this month - we're up to 8!

We read books, with hard hats, because book reading can be dangerous!

We found our belly button, and will proudly show it to any interested party.

Hope you had a great month! I can't believe it's MAY!

Friday, April 16, 2010

boot camp

Back in February, Joey and I booked a glorious 7 night trip to Cozumel, Mexico (we got a fabulous deal on the trip, but I'm already dreading being away from Brecken for that long!). We really are very excited about it, but I was convinced I needed to get in a bit better shape for the upcoming beach lounging.

I decided to try out the boot camp that Joey's old trainer, (well he's not that old, Joey just worked with him years ago :o) ) Steve, runs. And it was fantastic. I mean the workout is rediculously intensive. It's worse than any volleyball two-a-days I ever endured in high school, but it's so motivating! After a week I convinced Joey to try it out, and we've both been going for 2 months now! We try to go 3-5 times a week.

Since Joey was diagnosed with diabetes last year, he's lost around 50 pounds! I'm so very proud of him! After B was born I got back to my pre-pregnancy shape quickly, but then I just settled there for almost a year. Now I'm so much stronger and have way more energy than I ever did before. I'm down about 5 lbs since starting boot camp, but I know I've gained a lot of muscle too. I'm pretty buff. (kidding)

Hopefully by the time we go to Mexico we'll both be in even greater shape! I can't wait!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


[I've been posting several smaller posts in a row, so make sure to scroll down to read so you don't miss anything! :)]

Brecken's first Easter came last year when he was just a few weeks old. He was cute indeed, but we didn't even get him a basket (*gasp*) because we didn't see the point in that.

Bebe Easterbuddy:
(ginormous caterpillar courtesy of Grandpa Don and Grandma Sherri. Please note: if you give Brecken a ginormous stuffed animal, chances are he will want to take said animal to your house to play with it there, and the stuffed animal might just take up residence in your house instead of ours. Just ask Grandpa Don and Grandma Sherri. ;o)

What a difference a year makes:

He jumps on any chance he has to go outside:
(when did he turn into such a little big boy?!)

Church was great! After church we tried to get a few family pictures, but the ones of me and B were so dark you can't see us (ahem, Joey), so you just get a cutie one of my favorite dudes:

There was an Easter basket!

And a shape sorter with stacking thingies!

And then we went to Grandpa Don and Grandma Sherri's for lunch. He didn't really "get" the point of the eggs and the basket, but he had fun smacking them together!

We get this "oooo" face all the time - he's forever impressed with his surroundings!

You want me to do WHAT with the eggs?

Shocking, he found another balloon (and then shortly thereafter let it go to the sky)

We hope you all had a fabulous Easter too!


I've always been a bit "kissy" with Brecken. I give him at least 45 smooches from the time he wakes up in the morning until I walk out his daycare door without him. I have to make up for all those hours I'm away from him at work, you see.

When he was tiny, we started practicing eskimo kisses. He just giggled for the first 10 months. I mentioned on a previous post that a month or so ago he finally caught on to the eskimo kiss. Well at least the part where he shakes his head back and forth - he doesn't get the nose-to-nose thing yet.

A few weeks ago he started giving real kisses. They're sort of like open-mouthed slobbery messes, he doesn't get the pucker-up part yet. But I'm not complaining, it's the cutest thing ever!

Except for the part where he shared his sinus infection with me from said kisses. Ahem.

Anyway. We've called him Lovebug from the day he was born, and it turns out that's an apt title. The kid loves to love. He'll shower you with hugs and kisses whether he knows you or not. The first thing he does when we get to daycare is go to each kiddo that's already there and give him a squeeze and a kiss. Melts my heart!

And then when we read books to him, he has to kiss every baby/animal/person/tractor/truck on every single page before you can turn it. Don't try to turn the page before he gets his last kiss in, he'll make you wait!

Wait, mom! I have to kiss Ligh.tning McQ.ueen!!

Oh, and we cant forget Mater too!

Bunny, you are the best!