Wednesday, April 7, 2010


[I've been posting several smaller posts in a row, so make sure to scroll down to read so you don't miss anything! :)]

Brecken's first Easter came last year when he was just a few weeks old. He was cute indeed, but we didn't even get him a basket (*gasp*) because we didn't see the point in that.

Bebe Easterbuddy:
(ginormous caterpillar courtesy of Grandpa Don and Grandma Sherri. Please note: if you give Brecken a ginormous stuffed animal, chances are he will want to take said animal to your house to play with it there, and the stuffed animal might just take up residence in your house instead of ours. Just ask Grandpa Don and Grandma Sherri. ;o)

What a difference a year makes:

He jumps on any chance he has to go outside:
(when did he turn into such a little big boy?!)

Church was great! After church we tried to get a few family pictures, but the ones of me and B were so dark you can't see us (ahem, Joey), so you just get a cutie one of my favorite dudes:

There was an Easter basket!

And a shape sorter with stacking thingies!

And then we went to Grandpa Don and Grandma Sherri's for lunch. He didn't really "get" the point of the eggs and the basket, but he had fun smacking them together!

We get this "oooo" face all the time - he's forever impressed with his surroundings!

You want me to do WHAT with the eggs?

Shocking, he found another balloon (and then shortly thereafter let it go to the sky)

We hope you all had a fabulous Easter too!

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