Thursday, April 29, 2010

our month in (cell phone) photos

We're really really really bad with capturing Brecken's toddlerhood in photos lately. In April 2009, we took hundreds of photos of our one month old baybee. And April of 2010? Um, maybe 15? Maybe? But our cell phones are always close at hand, so that's what I have to present to you for the month. Lame, I know, must work on this!


We went on walks. All the time. Brecken would live outside if we let him, and I'm not exaggerating.

We sent cell phone photos to grandmas and aunties and thought about how much we missed them. We practiced giving kisses so we're all ready when we see them next week!

We got stuck in laundry baskets:

We got our rally mohawk ready for the spring football game (even though B didn't go):

We took self-portraits:

We oogled over the pretty blooms:

We watched a game that didn't matter, along with 80,000 other fans:

We marveled at some architecture:

We went to a game that did matter, but we lost:

We got sick... all of us. Brecken had a nasty high fever that now is a cough. I have a cough. Joey had a sore throat. But B also got 2 new teeth this month - we're up to 8!

We read books, with hard hats, because book reading can be dangerous!

We found our belly button, and will proudly show it to any interested party.

Hope you had a great month! I can't believe it's MAY!

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  1. “We sent cell phone photos to grandmas and aunties and thought about how much we missed them.” – That’s a sweet gesture. Surely, they appreciate it a lot. It’s a good thing your grandmas and aunties are very adept with cellphones. Most are usually reluctant, that is until their grandbabies are born.
    Darnell @


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