Wednesday, May 12, 2010

vocabulary lesson

Let's take a quick tour of the words that Brecken has mastered attempted thus far!

You and I would refer to this as a light, but B likes to point at all the "aites" around the house. This was his first word and it hasn't been forgotten.

Ok, technically not a word, but he says "ooo!" to anything and everything that mystifies him. Which is nearly everything.
I don't even know if he's talking to me or about me, but he spouts it off like he knows what he's talking about so I just always answer with a "yes, peanut?" in hopes that he'll someday realize that I am, in fact, his "mOOm-ma-mooom-maaa".
but i don't wanna go to bed
"Dah Deeee"
He loves his daddy. And he doesn't spout of "dah deeee" as much as he squeals and kicks his legs and flails himself around every time he's reunited with his pops.

He's still a bit freaked out by Zoe - I would be too by an animal that weighs 4 times more than me! But Brecken gives him pats and calls him "doc" (it almost sounds like 2 syllables doc-kkkk) so I think they're forming a loving relationship. :)
This very closely resembles B's "ack-ahhh", except his has a "bail picker-upper" on the front (sorry to my stepdad, I'm sure it has a more technical name) rather than this front loader thingie. We're working on "grandpa's tractor" and it comes out like "aah-ahhh ack-ahh". We like to play the game "where is your tractor, can you go find your tractor?" when we need to do something without Brecken for 2 minutes. He faithfully returns with his green "ack-ahhh".
Tonka has the market cornered at our house. We have "ucks" and more "ucks" that Brecken loves to play with!
Where would a boy be without his Hot.Wheels? He knows my car too, and he points at it every morning when we go outside. Too funny!

This is his best word! He says eye perfectly, and he's so proud of himself when you ask where his eyes are and he can tell you!

Thanks for stopping by to check on us. I have pictures and a better update coming soon, check back! 

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  1. AnonymousMay 12, 2010

    Love this -- and some would surely say, 'He's All Boy, huh?'

    ~Katie B.


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