Thursday, January 13, 2011

and then we knew

I won't make you do anything fancy to find out what we're having, like I did with Brecken...

It's a BOY!

We are so excited! I'm secretly relieved we have everything we need (except itty bitty diapers and wipes) - there's an entire wardrobe of clothes waiting for the peanut in totes in our storage room.

Apparently most of you were getting the girl vibe, according to the poll, but I promise this kid is all boy. :) We have some cutie ultrasound pics that I will try to scan in the next couple days.

Brecken has no idea what a brother is, but he is saying "big brother" like it's his job today. I know he'll be a fantastic big bro - he's sooo loving and caring. When he's not throwing his toys around the room. :)

Anyway, team blue! Good thing this momma likes football.


  1. Oh, girl!!!! Look at you, the Queen, surrounded by her loyal boys!!! Love it!

    BROTHERS are so amazing and I am so very thrilled for your family! What an amazing treat!

  2. Congratulations on boy #2!! Can't wait to see pics of big brother B with the little one.


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