Wednesday, January 5, 2011


B has been finding his voice more and more lately, and he's constantly cracking us up with what comes out of his mouth.

We were lucky to hang out with nearly all of our extended family members at some point over Christmas. B is a bit shy at first but quickly warms up to whomever is giving him attention. The kiddo is lucky to have SO many grandpas (he calls them all Poppa) and grandmas - 5 of each if I didn't accidentally forget anyone! He hasn't quite figured out that we don't, unfortunately, get to see them all every day so he's taken to asking "Poppa GO?!" nearly every hour, on the hour. We remind him that Poppa is at home.

We took the Christmas tree down on Sunday and he was confused. For 2 days we got "tistis tree GO?!" - Joey even took B to the recycling place so they could tell the "tistis tree" bye bye, thinking the poor kid would get some closure, but not so much.

He's working on fine-tuning his vocabulary, but for the last few weeks, he has started babbling nonstop. He's very adamant about what he's saying, but usually Joey and I are totally in the dark with no clue what he means. We can pick out a few words here and there. We'll get there though, I'm confident. :) He does do a rockstar job with the two sign language signs we taught him - "more" and "all done". Thank God for sign language!

I'll leave you with a B funny - a month or so ago Joey was out of town and I was squeezing the last bit of dishwasher soap into the dishwasher and it was making those lovely end-of-bottle noises. B was watching me and all of a sudden said "Momma! I TOOT!". And then I died laughing.


We're off to watch a Nebraska men's basketball game tonight with B - I hope he likes it!

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