Monday, January 17, 2011

a headboard for grownups

Since our boys (BOYS!) are going to share a room, I don't have that same need to nest in their room like I did before Brecken came along. My plan is to makeover our bedroom a bit to feed my creative (and nesting!) needs. More on the plans for our room in the weeks to come (it's going to have a yellow/gray/black/white theme, and I'm SO excited).

Joey and I have had a plain old headboard-less bed for a few years now. Since we're on a budget for this room makeover, I decided to make one myself. I'd seen a great one on Prudent Baby and thought I could do something similar. And you guys? It was SO easy. The headboard creation took less than an hour. I promise promise you can do it if you have even a little bit of craft skills.

I like a more modern look than the one shown on the Prudent Baby site - so I chose to make ours simple and rectangular. In case you're curious, it's 24" tall and 78" wide (we have a king size bed). It's hung on the wall with flush mounts.

Before you set out to shop, determine how big you want the headboard to be, as well as if you want to do a pattern. A good rule of thumb is to make it a few inches wider than the mattress.

What you'll need:

- a saw (a jigsaw if you're doing something other than a rectangle) to cut your piece to size
- hot glue or spray glue
- staple gun (your desk stapler won't work :)
- Plywood - you can use 1/4" but we got 1/2" because it was cheaper. We had them cut the sheet at Home Depot so it fit in the truck. (Plus that's one less cut you'll have to make at home.)
- Flush mounts (Home Depot had no clue what we were talking about, Ace Hardware knew right where to find them)
- 2" upholstery foam - y'all this stuff is CrAzY expensive. Like $30 a yard. The cheapest place I found was Hobby Lobby, but make sure to shop Joann's, etc. sometimes they have half off plus coupons. You will need enough foam to cover your plywood exactly.
- quilt batting - you can use whatever thickness you want, obviously puffier will be, well, puffier on the wall :) - add 12" to the length and width of your shape so you have around 6" extra to pull around to the back and staple
- fabric - choose a "home decor" fabric or something else a little more stout than regular cotton. Again, add 12" to the length so you have enough to wrap around to the back and fasten

What you'll do:
1) With the saw, cut your plywood to the size and shape you want to use. If you have rough edges, you can use a bit of sandpaper to smooth them - but don't worry too much, they'll be covered with layers of batting and fabric.

2) Trim your foam to match the shape of the plywood exactly. The best thing to use is an electric knife, but a bread knife works as well. Using either the hot glue or the spray glue, glue your foam to the plywood. You don't have to go crazy making it stick, it just has to hold so you can add the batting and fabric.

3) Lay the quilt batting on the floor and center your plywood/foam on the batting, foam side down. You should now have a sandwich of batting, foam, and plywood from the floor up. Pull the batting tight and wrap around to the back of the plywood - staple in place with your staple gun. Continue this all the way around the batting. Corners are a bit tricky, there really isn't a specific way to do it, I tried to make mine look as least bulky as possible.

4) Iron your fabric - this is critical as the wrinkles will stay on your headboard if you don't. Lay the fabric on the floor, pretty side down, and then center your batting/foam/plywood on top of it, batting side down. Follow the same process for fastening the fabric as you did for your batting. Check the fabric from the "front" of the headboard as you go to make sure it's laying like you want it to and not pulling or creating wrinkles.

5) Trim the excess fabric from the back of the headboard.

6) Attach the flush mounts to your headboard and wall - measure, measure, measure. This requires some math and crossed fingers. :)

Enjoy your fancy new headboard!

Let me know if you have questions, I can add the info back in! I'm sure I skimmed over something useful. :)

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  1. way to go, mama! you're my home ec hero!


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