Thursday, January 27, 2011

little and big

Ahh, pictures. Of both boys! Finally!

First, baby numero dos:

this, I think, is heads down, obviously both arms and hands

facing away from us, pwetty spine and head :)

semi-creepy alien baby shot - see he's facing us

this is the only 3d one we got, his head was smooshed into the placenta on the left. He sort of looks like he's on Mount Rushmore here, to me.

head to the left, arm

leetle foot

I think this is my favorite... his belly on the right and then looong legs down to feet on the left (sorry bad quality scan...)

And of course, our lovebug baby err, big kid #1, from Christmas. Because I am incredibly behind with taking pictures...

new trike from Santa, and it was nice enough to ride outside!

there was a lot of this... told you he loves BIG

checking out the choo choo ornament with gma!

two cute blondes

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