Monday, January 10, 2011

snow day!

I know, pictures is what you keep coming back for. I'm a terrrrrible photo taker lately. I will get better, promise!


So we had a snow day today. Meaning Brecken's daycare was closed (and I didn't want to make the 40 minute drive to work in the white stuff anyway). I know what you're thinking - SNOW DAY! FUN! LAZINESS! TV AND JAMMIES ALL DAY! It was more like agony and woe for both of us.

Today I'm thankful that God gave us all unique gifts. I can organize tasks. I can do computery stuff. I can crochet. I can lead people. I can create a complex spreadsheet.

But being home with Brecken all day (for the 3rd day in a row)? I'm horrible at it, admittedly. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE that kid. So much it makes my heart hurt. But when it's just me and him, for 8 hours? Woe. Agony.

I am horrible with knowing how to entertain an almost-2-year-old. I tell Joey often that if I ever were staying home with my kids full time, I would so be taking some early childhood classes first. It doesn't help that we were home due to 6+" of snow, because holy cabin fever, batman. But we tried coloring, we tried Thomas the Train - both on tv, and on the floor, we tried Diego and Elmo and A Bug's Life. We tried trucks and blocks and books, oh my.

At some point in the last 3ish months, my cautious and gentle peanut has reached epic levels of BOYHOOD. He throws things (granted, he has a pretty good arm on him, hoping this bodes well for his quarterbacking skillz) - not in tantrum mode, just to see how far they can fly. He wipes all of his magnets off the fridge... just to make noise. He jumps on the couch. He sings/screams for what feels like hours (probably 3-5 minutes). And there's no getting through to his cute little face. He's just Captain Independent (which is a quality I hope both of my kids have) and I had no idea it would set in this early.

He is still as sweet as ever, generous with his hugs and smooches. But boy. Oh boy.

So all that to say... a) we survived. By the skin of our teeth, but we survived. b) I'm thankful I don't have to do this every day. c) I love him, to bits. d) please let there be a girl in my belly, I don't think I can handle another crazy boy. :)


  1. I'm right there with you. I am SO not a SAHM.

  2. LOL! I completely understand where you're coming from. I've been home with Carter (and working full time) for a little over a month now... and most days I consider ripping my own hair out :) I've got an "ALL BOY" boy, too!


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