Friday, January 7, 2011

technologically challenged

This hasn't been the week for me and electronics.

Our 5 year old HP laptop is slowly losing its charm. Sometimes it doesn't really want to turn on unless you hold your breath and say a prayer. I'd say it's definitely lived longer than most laptops these days, and hopefully we can squeeze a few more months out of it until we get a new one.

My iPod is 4 years old, I think. We took it to Mexico and while the screen worked and videos played, the sound wouldn't work at all. It worked sporadically over the holidays but now seems to have died a final death. Some forums on the internet say this is a common issue, but a non-fixable one at that. I can pay $145 to apple to have them fix it for me, but that seems like a gigantic waste of money. So to ebay for parts it will go. Sigh.

And last night. I dropped my blackberry crackberry in the (dry) sink. There was just enough water sitting in there to sprinkle the face of it with water. But that seems to be enough for its demise. So now my beloved phone is sitting at home in a bowl of rice mixed with hope. I've heard that the rice will dry it out enough to work again. I hope so. I miss it.

Hope your weekends are great! It's supposed to finally snow here, and I'm excited!

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  1. Your laptop has lasted a long time (in comparison to my last HP that died before it was 2 and took several months of Carter's pictures along with it), but that is still so frustrating. Replacing technology is never fun for the wallet! Good luck with your phone. My MIL dropped her iphone in the toilet, and the bag of rice trick worked for her.


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