Monday, February 21, 2011


I'm way overdue for an update, so here you go! In bullet form:

  • I had an appointment February 10 (see, overdue update!) to check on Baby J. All was well thankfully, it was a quick and easy appointment. His heart was lub-dubbing away at 140ish beats a minute. The next appointment is March 10, and I have the 1 hour glucose tolerance test. So there's a yummy bottle of glucose goo chilling in my fridge in anticipation of that appointment. (I lie, it's not yummy.) He's super active in there. Brecken was the laziest baby in utero, I remember having to poke and prod him if it'd been too long since he moved, and that only worked half the time. This kiddo starts kicking the moment I think about him, wondering if he's awake or asleep.
  • The floating baby on the sidebar over there << says 103 days to go. Um whoa.
  • We're T-11 days until B's 2nd birthday. I'm so loving having a two year old, but a leetle sad that my one year old is vanishing.
  • Thank you for the potty advice from my post earlier this month. We're making progress for sure. Still definitely letting him take the lead, but so far so good!
  • I'm having pregnancy-induced writers I guess that's all for now, but I'm hitting publish or it'll be another two weeks with no post. xoxo

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