Wednesday, February 2, 2011

toddler tmi

During my bi-weekly shopping stock-up trip this week, I bought two items that seemed so funny sitting next to each other in my cart - a box of diapers and a potty seat.

Wait, first I have to share with you moms something that a good friend tipped me off to - omg I looooove Parent's Choice diapers from Wal-Mart. Like love them better than Pampers or Huggies. a) They're super soft and not all crinkly papery like some other cheapies. b) They're amazingly absorbent - even if it's a super soaker overnight diaper. c) We've literally not had a single blowout or leak in the few months we've been using them. That is all, I just can't keep the goodness to myself. :)

Anyway... the potty seat. Brecken seems to be delving into this potty training world wayyyy before Joey and I were ready. The blessing and curse of his room at daycare is that they have a bathroom attached. His room is 18mo - 3 year olds, so when the older potty trained kiddos start to cycle through their bathroom time, his teachers tell me it's a "social event" in their room, and the littler ones want to take their turn sitting on the pot too.

Which is super... except B actually pees on the potty every day at school. So we're supposed to be "encouraging" at home. So we've started asking him 493 times a day if he'd like to sit on the potty and are always met with a cute but firm "noooo".

I so don't want to push him at this point, nor do I want to start any kind of formal potty training routine. He's not really showing all those signs of readiness that every potty training site and book talk about. He'll tell us "I poot" about 75% of the time he has #2, but never before. And I don't think he knows what pee is, other than the part where he does it at school. (Ack, I wish I was a fly on the wall so I knew if he knew what he was doing!)

Anyway, I do want to know how we can be encouraging at home - any ideas? Is it asking a certain way? At a certain time of day? Or just plopping him on it at certain times? Should we talk about certain things with him? HALP!


  1. I've got no advice for you on this one. Neither one of my kiddos is even remotely ready for it. Way to go big-boy for going on the potty at school!!!

    Oh yeah, maybe let him see you & Joey going?

  2. I don't have any advice either. Andy uses the potty all day long at his babysitter's house. However, at home he'll do it if he is trying to avoid taking a nap or going to bed. Other than that, he's happy to go in his pull-up. He also loves to check out public potties. We aren't pushing him at all. He knows what to do, but we are doing everything on his schedule. We wait for him to tell us. He'll get there eventually. Good luck!

  3. Well, sister, here's what we have been doing. Barrett will tell us when he has to #2 about 40% of the time, but about 75% when he already has. So we've been setting a timer (not the kitchen one anymore :D) at hour intervals where we then tell him he has to try to potty. That way he learns the beeper means we try, and the theory would be that when he does he'll realize it goes in the toilet. And we try to #2 about 15-20 minutes after we eat, since that's when he always seems to do his #2. So maybe a "special" egg-timer for bubski's would be in order..that way it's his very own. Just an idea. Our pediatrician actually recommended this idea to us at b#1's 2 year dr. appt. Just a thought..

  4. As the mom of a stubborn boy, I have no idea what the trick is. I just keep trying..... Reading about different ways to approach it is helpful, though.

  5. I never pushed Mason into it. He had a potty chair in his bathroom since 15 months old. Sometimes he showed interest other times none. I did get him some big boy underwear this summer and when he knew they were in the house he was so excited to wear them. That only lasted 1 weekend though and then he showed no interest. He would go at school, but not all the time. Finally right around the time he turned 2 1/2 he started telling his teacher when he had to go. After that there was no turning back and he more or less potty trained himself. I know he is like an Urban Legend or something, but firmly believe that by listening to his cues rather than pushing him had a lot to do with it.

  6. I have zero advice, but I am super impressed!


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