Thursday, March 17, 2011

"i fawll"

It probably comes as a shock to no one that I am not so much a risk taker in anything except our retirement accounts (in which I figure we have 35ish more years to gain back anything we lose). I've had exactly one broken bone in my life (for trying to rollerblade down a mountain with my daredevil Colorado cousins, Grant and Joel - and the break wasn't that bad, I just *really* wanted that pink cast) and five stitches (for cutting my finger with a pair of scissors).

I have zero desire to sky dive or bungee jump. Ever. My bff and I once did one of those "skycoaster" things at Elitch's when we were 16, and that was enough adrenaline to last a lifetime for me. Don't get me wrong, there's plenty of stupidity in my 28 years to make you think differently, but really I value my safety and try to keep my feet on the ground at all times.

When we found out 2 1/2 years ago that B was joining us, I was at first a bit shocked, I just knew we were having a girl. It only took a few minutes for me to realize how elated I was, and am, to have a little dude - someone to watch football with and talk about bugs with, and I quickly realized I'm a boy momma at heart.

But then.

Everyone started warning me about the 492 thousand emergency room trips in our future. I mean the only time I'd ever been to the emergency room was the scissors incident. This was slightly panic-inducing for me.

Then I remembered who I married... Joey-who-has-more-scars-than-he-can-remember-how-he-got-them. Joey, who frequented emergency rooms growing up. Joey, who has a BB still stuck in his wrist from childhood. My sweet, sweet husband was about as polar opposite from my riskiness as a child as you could possibly be. I mean my goodness, if I have to take B or baby J to the emergency room for half the stuff Joey's mom did, I will just wrap them in bubble wrap.

However, there's a silver lining to this tale. So far it seems that B may have inherited 75% of my cautiousness. While he's still a boy and still a 2 year old who runs into walls and doesn't always yet see the danger in the situation, he's vitally aware of one thing: "mommy! I fawllin'!" if he feels like his safety is in jeopardy (and 99% of the time it's not). And while it makes me giggle sometimes because he's so his mother's son, my momma heart breathes a HUGE sigh of relief. Most of the time when he feels like he's "fawllin'", we have him sitting on a chair to put shoes on, or stepping off the porch stairs, etc. - we have a firm grasp on him yet he still worries that he might crash.

He's SO not the kid to climb on everything, and for that I am so very thankful. I'm quite confident now that I've written this out, baby J is already plotting his monkey skills to climb all over. But hey, 50% isn't bad, right? :)


  1. I kind of want to eat B up. He says the CUTEST STUFF.

    PS. How was I not following your blog before now? Nevermind, doesn't matter, because I rectified this shameful situation and now I'm following along!

  2. LOL! Hopefully J will follow in your footsteps. Funny how two opposites attract. I am the semi risk taker. I have sky dived, and skinny dipped. I would do JUSt about anything once...but now that i am with the Kingman- that has stopped. He is uber cautious.


    PS. B is so stinking CUTE!!

  3. Love it!! #2 is the payback for how good #1 is/was! I have a 2 yr living proof of this! LOL We just removed Cameron from standing on top of our vanity tonight. I am going to have gray hair. I will be over in about 5 years so you can color my hair, k!?

  4. Josie did that big bungee/trampoline thingy at the mall...can B have a talk with her??

  5. I am the same way as you! When I was in preschool there was a big window seat that all the little 2 year olds sat in for story time. Everyone else jumped down when the story was over. Not me! I was the cautious one that would sit on my bottom, turn around, and slide down. Guess who was the one that got a busted lip from that?!

    B and Smooch sound a lot a like too. He isn't a huge climber and when doing something that has a potential danger he really thinks about the best option before jumping in. I think boys will always be boys, but luckily as far as B and Smooch go we got ones that look before they leap. Hope you are as lucky with J!


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