Friday, April 1, 2011

Friday Ketchup

Get it? Ketchup? Catch up? I know, I'm hilarious. :)
  • So! B is two. You knew that though. I should post some pictures of his birthday huh? Oh but I only took three pictures of his party. And forgot my camera when we went out and about on his actual birthday. Mom of the year am I!
  • I fished B's two year book, you can see the online version here. I made a one year book for him last year, and hope we can keep this up each year. We'll see how much time I have with two cuties to chase (HA!). I'm not awesome at printing out pictures, and when I do I'm stuck with the "ok now what do I do with them". So rather than keep a zillion albums, I figured I'd just do a book a year for each of them.
  • Speaking of the blonde one, he seems to be having a development burst right now. Every day I swear he has 10 new words, and he speaks so clearly and follows directions very well - as long as he's not having a stubborn moment. He's big into "I do it!" right now, which is, you know, cute and annoying both. :)
  • Potty "training" (it's more like potty testing so far) is going well for how young I feel he still is. He's so very proud of himself when something actually happens (and we are too!).
  • His new "thing" is to have you kiss his index finger when he has an owie - but the owie is most likely not on his index finger. Stub his toe? Kiss his finger. Bite his lip? Kiss hiss finger. Bonk his head? Kiss his finger.
  • Baby J hits 31 weeks tomorrow. (ohemgee how did that happen so fast?!) The growing baby emails I get say he's 16" long and 3.3 lbs (~4 naval oranges). He kicks a zillion times more than B ever did. With B there were times I'd have to start waking him up by poking him or drinking OJ just to make sure all was well - he was so very relaxed in utero. Not this kid. I so much as think about him and he's all "hellooooooo mom, I'm here". And he feels enormous, like he's going to come out B-sized. We shall see! 9ish more weeks! Ack!
  • Remember our bedroom makeover projects I told you about? The headboard and the bedskirt? Well now our room is basically finished with paint and other fun stuff! I need to take some updated pics and will then share the big reveal. I love it and can't wait for you to see!
  • Have I mentioned the part where the boys are going to share a room (seriously, baby brained, can't remember anything)? So that is fun, except if you've ever seen their room, you'll know it's itty bitty. I don't know the size exactly, but I'm guessing 10x12? ish? We got a big boy bed for B, and moved the crib a bit. Their room is exactly big enough to hold a crib, a twin bed, and a (admittedly huge) dresser. We haven't moved him to the big bed yet, that's a project for next weekend. But there will be pics and stories I'm sure.
Hope you have a great weekend! Get out and enjoy some sunshine. (If the sun is shining where you are. If not, enjoy the clouds, rain, or snow, Old Man Winter is on his way out!)


  1. am cracking up over the title. and i don't even like ketchup...;)

    am very interested on how the big boy bed transition goes

  2. Hope B likes his bed boy bed! Thanks for the ketchup. :)


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