Wednesday, April 20, 2011

how i got here (by Joey!)

Here goes my first blog post….Many people have asked me questions or wanted me to tell stories about how my weight loss journey began so here we are. I will probably share more information then you want to hear but here is how the story goes from my point of view.

About two and a half years ago in October/November I wasn’t feeling very good, it’s not that I was sick but just had one of those feelings that something was not right. I was sleeping all the time… Always tired and always drinking something - water, pop, tea whatever was around. I went to the doctor for my annual physical and they ran some tests and said everything was cool, and that if I lost some weight that would for sure help things out.

So, fast forward a couple months and include a brand new baby. My wife and I were doing the “grown up” thing and getting life insurance. Alison got it with no problem. I, on the other hand, did not! A few weeks after my insurance physical, I got a call from the insurance company saying that I needed to see a doctor ASAP! I was able to see my doctor the following week and when they ran the same tests again they told me I had Type 2 Diabetes.

At the time I remember feeling relieved, because I really thought something more serious was wrong with me. I am in NO way downplaying diabetes, I just thought there was more wrong. The worst part of this for me was that I had a brand new son - to find out this crap was going on was tough! How can I feel positive about bringing new life into this world when I was in no way taking care of the life I had? I was determined not to become a statistic! I had seen first hand what diabetes can do to people when left untreated; there are people in my life that had lost eye sight, even part of a foot! If that is not the wake up call of all wake up calls then I am not sure what else the good Lord could throw at you to understand the importance of this disease!

After trying to work out by myself and randomly going to a gym, I remembered my long-lost friend Steve Auxier and started going to N10sive Boot Camps, the first class was crazy!! We did the normal stuff i.e. jump rope, medicine ball, RUNNING and I just about died. Steve was teaching the first class and it went alright! I thought I could possibly come back again. BUT, the second class was the WORST! I met this nice little girl named Liza and she killed me. Using the word killed is probably the nicest world I could use. Anyway, the next day I was stuck in bed could barely move and cursing boot camp and most importantly LIZA!! That workout was the hardest workout that I had ever experienced in my life and one I will never ever forget. I know when the instructors tell people to come back more and more it will help that is the TRUTH! The more I came the better I felt.

Now, after being member of N-10Sive Boot Camp for over a year, I have lost over 100 pounds and gained crazy amounts of muscle. I am also co-instructor and I even teach with Liza so my cursing Liza has stopped or I should say slowed down. She still puts on tough classes! AND my favorite accomplishment is I just finished my first race! I ran the 4 mile Bee Buzz Run in 49:20. Now, my time is not that cool, but for the VERY first time I ran over one mile not stopping - actually I ran 2 ½ miles without stopping and that was such an accomplishment for me! I couldn’t even run a mile in high school track! My current weight is right around what I weighed in 8th-9th grade! It's crazy to think that was about 1996-1997, 14 years ago!

I know some of you reading are having problems with workouts and exercising - here are a few keys to success for me:

1) BE positive! Even if things do not work out the way you want them too, they will in the long run. The race you are running now is not a sprint it's a marathon and you can’t stop just always keep moving forward and towards your goal!

2) Take one meal, one workout, and one day at time! When you start looking forward in time you lose focus. Think about what’s happening now, and not about what is going to happen in 6 weeks or year.

3) Never forget it took you lifetime to get to the point of where you are at today no matter your where you are in your journey, this process is going to take a ton of hard work and TIME! You will get there just be honest and positive with yourself the entire way.

4) The last one is the most important one. Good Life Fitness is more than just a gym; All the instructors and co-instructors have been in your shoes at almost any step you are at. We are ALWAYS hear to help, listen, or if you just need a crazy workout. All of us want you to ultimate success in your journey and we will do whatever it takes to make sure you succeed!
[editors note: pictures added by Alison... :)]
Joey, pre-diabetes diagnosis, pre-baby, pre-everything:

And more recently, looking svelte and hot! :) (Yeah I know, not an awesome picture, YOU try getting him to take a picture...)


  1. Youve done an amazing job, Joey! An inspiration for sure!

  2. Joey, you rock!!!! totally inspiring!!!

  3. Very inspiring. get off my butt...

  4. Yay Joey I am so proud of you! I decided in Feb to make my life change not only for me but my family. I refuse to me that Mom who isn't out playing catch or running around the backyard with my kids! Not fair to them if I was. Craig got on board in March and so far I am down -22lbs and Craig is down 3 belt notches! We are feeling GREAT!!

    You are inspiration to me and I know over time I will reach my goal. Only 2 lbs away from not lying on my drivers license!! :)

    You two are the best! We are excited to grill out this summer and we hope to see you here! (Czech Days you will have to crash at our house!)

    Keep it up!

  5. COngratulations Joey!! That is amazing!! You look great! YAY for better health!

  6. Such a motivator! Joey is a rockstar!

  7. wow!!! that is awesome! WAY TO GO!!!! I did boot camp a few years ago and it is brutal! I ended up getting a ganglion cyst from it...I am a weenie. LOL
    I have a lot of respect for you!

  8. Super, Super Awesome!! Congratulations!!

  9. This is Brooke- we are sooo proud of you Joey!

  10. you freaking rock, Joey!!!


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