Tuesday, May 3, 2011

thought bubble tuesday

Thought bubbles! Because it's Tuesday, and it's about as much of a post as I can wrap my mind around at the moment.
  • I had an appointment with my always-awesome OB, Dr. C, last Wednesday. Everything has been really good and normal so far this pregnancy. I've gained less weight this time than I did with B... which I attribute completely to being in shape at the beginning of this pregnancy. (Thank you boot camp, I'll be back very soon!) This appointment was more of the same, normal normal. Blood pressure was 120/60 or something? And Baby J's heart was lubbing away around 140 bpm. I've had some crazy crazy pelvic pain this time though, and was beginning to get a wee bit concerned. She wanted to check if his head had dropped already and lo, it has, and is verrryyy low. No progress to speak of, dilation-wise, but he's heads down and ready for his escape!
  • I really need to post some pictures of B. Which would mean I need to take some huh?
  • I want a new camera... I know, what mom doesn't? But I don't think I'll ever be a Photographer, so I can't really justify spending $700 on one. Maybe something in the $300-450 range? Do those exist? Any recommendations? Mainly I want one that will take pictures faster than ours does now, and also takes ok pics in our dark-ish house (we have a ranch built in the 50s, we're unfortunately not swallowed by sunshine all the time).
  • Speaking of the munchkin, he's great as usual. Definitely very TWO right now. The sweetness melts me and the tantrums make me pull my hair out. Par for the course, right? He may look like a carbon copy of Joey, but I see myself as a kid in his actions constantly. He's a stubborn little button pusher through and through. He knows how to work the system, even if he is only two.
  • I swore I would never be a mom that talked about her kids' bathroom progress, but since this functions as a baby book to some extent I feel like I need to record that today was day one of wearing undies to daycare. Toddler teachers don't get paid enough. We'll see how this goes, he's eager so far!
  • We're basically ready for Baby J's arrival whenever he decides to come. I mean we have like 2 days worth of diapers and his clothes are hanging, what more do we need? :) Perhaps we should work on getting the crib situated and the rest of the stuff (swing, etc.) up and operational soon. I'm much more relaxed about baby #2 than I was about baby #1.
  • Any advice on welcoming baby J into B's world? Bubba is a super loving kiddo, but he's also a normal jealous 2 year old, and I'm a wee bit nervous. Obviously things will be fine in the end, I just want to avoid unnecessary heartache for him if possible. Sometimes he doesn't handle change the best, and he really doesn't like sharing Joey and I with anyone.
  • In other, non-kid news, Joey was honored with a nomination for the American Heart Association Lifestyle Change Award at their annual Heart Walk last week. He didn't know about the nomination until we got to the walk (I told him we were helping our nurse friend, Kelli, finish up some final pre-graduation requirements she had). He was irritated that we had to get up so early on a Saturday morning and he thought we were picking up trash (?), and he about freaked out when I told him Kelli wasn't even there. :) Thankfully we were able to surprise him with the nomination booth and he was excited - as he should be, he deserves it!
  • Last time I ask for advice this post: what is your must-have baby item? Anything that made life with two peanuts easier? A friend wanted ideas on baby gear that I loved/hated, and I'm curious as to your thoughts as well!
Have a great week! Next OB appt is Friday!


  1. We have the Canon Eos Rebel. I don't even know what model it is as this point, they've surely released 10 new ones since we got it 2 years ago before L was born. But, I love it. It does exactly the things you want it to do. I think it was $400ish, but I don't recall. I see them at Costco all the time now!

    My must haves were swaddle-me blankets and boudreax's buttpaste. I suffice we could have managed just fine without anything else as long as we had those two things. (AHAHAHAHA! yea, right) We also loved (and still do) our cloud B sleep sheep and ALL the big baby books. The Baby Whisperer, Happiest Baby on the Block, Babywise, etc. I didn't follow any one of them to a T, but I kinda pulled the best things from all of them and we managed to survive!

    I cannot believe how close you are getting. XOXO

  2. AnonymousMay 03, 2011

    Thank you for the shout out on the things needed for baby! Hard to believe that yours is getting so close! YAY! I have Canon Rebel TXi and I lvoe it. Don't really know how to use it, but I love it. LOL.

    :) Yeah for B's potty training.
    Love you girlie!!!

  3. AnonymousMay 03, 2011

    Thank you for the shout out on the things needed for baby! Hard to believe that yours is getting so close! YAY! I have Canon Rebel TXi and I lvoe it. Don't really know how to use it, but I love it. LOL.

    :) Yeah for B's potty training.
    Love you girlie!!!

  4. so, how did the underwear day go???
    I have a nikon d40 - it is like a baby to me, I LOVE.IT. Not that that was really a recommendation, but you can sometimes get a DSLR for a decent price if that is what you are looking for. If it isn't - go to best buy or a camera store and just test them out to see how fast the shutter speed is.

    no idea on the whole transition thing - but I have heard others mention how nice it was to wear the new baby so they could still play with their older kids - I have heard that the Moby wrap is awesome.
    I couldn't live with out swaddle me blankets, aiden & anis blankets and about 50 burp clothes a day when G was new :)
    UM and WAY TO GO J on the nomination!


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