Sunday, May 15, 2011


Days to go that is. I assumed things would go fast this pregnancy, but I'm really not sure how we've gotten to 37 weeks, it's all just a blur.

I know you've all been waiting with baited breath for the appointment update from last Thursday, but you're going to be disappointed... there's not much to report. :) My doctor had been called out for a delivery so I saw her colleague, which was fine. I really like all 4 OBs in the practice, but my doc is my fave. They all try to deliver their own patients so that's nice to count on... except we found out last week that my OB is on vacation for 10ish days starting in a week. SO! It'll be fine either way, but I'm really hoping she'll be able to be there for delivery again, she's the best.

And that was pretty much it. Baby J's heart was thumping away in the 140 bpm range. Next appointment is this Thursday.

We're finishing up getting things ready for his arrival. We got the car seat bases in the cars today. I have yet to pack the hospital bag, but I did make a list of what to put in it. So that's a start, right?

Thanks for checking in on us!


  1. Full term! Woohoo! Baby J will be here soon!

  2. aren't lists just as good as actually, you know, DOING things?!

    I can't believe he is almost here!!!!

  3. AnonymousMay 16, 2011

    And you know why it's been a blur? Because you've been chasing around a 2 year old while baking that baby!

  4. So exciting. I'm 1/2 jealous but always 1/2 terrified for you!

    I know it will be great. Life has a wonderful way of working all things out. Praise God for knowing what he is doing with us.

  5. How is it possible to be -20 days now!?!


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