Friday, May 27, 2011


Floating baby over on the left says 8 DAYS TO GO. I'm still not completely convinced that we're really at the end, but I think Baby J has other plans.

Appointment yesterday was great. Nothing exciting. I'm still 2ish cm dilated, and "very thin" - she didn't give me an effacement %. His head is still wayyyy low, so I suppose in theory he could fall out at any moment. :) We even got an extra ultrasound because she wanted to double check fluid levels, his activity, etc. Which means we got a sneaky peek at our boy. And you guys? I'm about to give birth to the same child all over again. Proof:
To me, one of the best parts of having a second son has been the part where Joey and I have started to refer to them as "the boys". And I know I've said "my boys" a time or two to a friend. Growing up, my sister and I were often referred to as "the girls" and I loved this - it's fun to be half of a pair like that. While it would have been equally awesome to have a girl to add to our fam, it makes me so happy to have another boy - I like being the main gal in their lives. At least for 30 more years. :)

Anyway, everything is the same. More baby baking. Woo!


  1. Oh my word! They look so much alike! How super exciting. I have to tell you that I got a tear when I read that you already refer to them as "the boys." That is so special to me too. Boys are just wonderful and you will have a fantastic little life with them. Cheers to safe and healthy delivery...SOON!

  2. Holy cow!! I don't know how I lost your blog, but I've been searching for a while and finally saw you comment on someone else's blog. First ..holy congratulations!! And good luck in the next week! I'm so happy for you ..and to have found your blog again!

  3. total twinkies! i love it!!!!!


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