Wednesday, June 1, 2011

swim in da water yike nemo

In an effort to give B an activity "just for him" after baby J joins us. We decided on swimming lessons as he's getting big enough to really enjoy the pool and have some control over what he does in it. Plus he's not so much a fan of having water poured on his face in the tub.

So off we went to lessons last night, and they went fabulously! They're only 30 minutes, once a week for 5 weeks, but it was incredible to see how far he came in just 30 minutes last night!

Waiting to swim!
Just warming up...

Bonus of swimming lessons: B's good buddy L is also in the class!
Swimming allstar! Working out the dumbbells while we kick-kick-kick.
Swimming little dudes!

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  1. How are things going? Is he adjusting to the little guy? :-)


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