Thursday, June 23, 2011

three weeks

We've been at this family of four thing for 3 whole weeks now, and I think we may finally be falling into some semblance of our new normal. The days seem to be flying by, and the nights do too when the boys let us sleep.

B is the proudest big brother. He loves Jbug So! Much! Initially he was a little rough with the baby so we worked on being gentle. And then he wanted to check on j 55 times an hour, day or night, and was coming into our room several times a night to "see baby j!". Thankfully we seemed to turn a corner this week and B is back to sleeping in his room all night (which may or may not have taken some bribery of new Cars 2 toys, but sleep deprived parents can be desperate...). He has been looooving weekly swimming lessons! We're so proud of him! He's eager to go under water and kick his feet to paddle around. (But don't try to wash his hair in the tub, that's a major freakout...)

Jbug is growing like a weed. For looking like B's identical twin, he's very set on letting us know he's got his own personality thankyouverymuch. He's a bit more feisty than Bubba was, and takes a bit more effort to get him to a content place. As time has gone on, we've noticed that maybe there was something more to his discontent. He's been gagging, coughing, and sputtering 30-45 minutes after eating, though he never has spit up. Well, technically he's spit up out of his nose a few times, that's... fun.

Anyway, Jbug's 3 week appointment was today and for the most part he's healthy and relatively happy. He weighed in at 9lb 7oz (55th percentile), was 22 1/4" (85th percentile), and his head was 15" (65th percentile). (He's gained almost 2 lbs and grown almost 2 inches in the last 3 weeks.) But. I expressed our concerns about the gagging, etc. and our pediatrician felt he had reflux (silent reflux as the case may be, since he never spits up) and prescribed Zantac. He also wanted to check Jbug for MSPI - milk and soy protein intolerance (which they do by testing a stool sample from Jbug). They look for blood as well as sugar concentrations. Babies with MSPI apparently have a really tough time processing sugars. Thankfully there was no blood, but there was a ton of sugar. Dr. D said on a scale from 0 - 1% (with 1% being the highest he's ever seen), j was at .75% (they measure in quarters of a percent). So our little bubba is understandably not feeling the best.

I'm going to attempt to keep nursing him, but it means I have to cut all milk and soy out of my diet. Do y'all know how much I love cheese?! Thankfully our pediatrician is so fantastic and supportive - he gave me a cheat sheet that has everything to avoid as well as a long list of "safe foods". We'll try it for 2 weeks and if it's not helping he'll give me a few more foods to cut (first on that list are lettuce and CORN. CORN!). I think we can make this work, I guess it's a jump start on that diet I was planning next month. Heh. And worst case scenario and it doesn't work, we'll switch to a lactose/soy-free formula for Mr. j. Whatever keeps him happy and healthy!

So tips on surviving MSPI? I'm all ears!

: :

We got family pictures taken a few weeks ago, by the always-amazing Tracy Wood. She's taken our pics for the last 18 months or so and become a good friend and such a blessing to us! If you're in the Lincoln/Omaha area, you so need to check her out. She will come to you, and she's soooooooo patient with kiddos, even my exhausting newborn. Tell her we sent you!

Anyway, just a couple pics from the day, there's so many good ones to pick from!


  1. Such nice pictures!! Poor baby with his milk and soy intolerance, and poor mom! Hopefully it will get better with your dietary changes..Hope its not too miserable for you!

  2. Sorry about the allergy, but you're awesome for doing everything you can to keep nursing!Owen had horrible reflux, and I remember when my dad saw him for the first time (O was 3 months old) he commented at how uncomfortable he seemed. he wasn't a fussy baby but after every meal he would arch and move and's awful not knowing how to make the eating experience better.

    Pictures are gorgeous, perfect family of 4 (slight overkill on the testosterone...just the way it should be!).

  3. Precious boy. I cannot imagine dealing with the whole milk/soy drama. It really results in elimating like 50% of your daily diet (if you're anything like me). But? You'll lose a ton of weight--that's a plus. Dairy has a tendency to stick around in your gut FOR AGES.

    Hopefully he works through it, you can keep nursing and it isn't any form of long term allergy.

    We had it so easy with the first baby, I keep reminding myself that I have to re-face all of these allergy, sleep, reflux, etc-type baby issues again.

  4. Great pics. Sorry about the MSPI. Poor little guy....But YAY for mama losing weight on a doctor recommended diet. :)


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