Wednesday, July 20, 2011


This summer is absolutely flying by, as I suspected it would. I have 3 weeks of leave left, and while I'm not exactly excited to be away from my littlest mister quite yet, I am excited to have a routine again.

I promise someday I'll post something other than a kid update, but that's all the inspiration I have right now. Plus I'm oh-so-awesome about writing in their baby books (or not) so I want to have this to fall back for memories.

Happy, healthy, and growing like a weed! He's definitely very TWO right now... we get the pendulum swinging from hilarious to hellacious several times a day. He LOVES Jbug, and gets this very high-pitched sing-songy voice when he talks to him - [typical conversation] "Hi! Baby Brother! Hi j! Hi j! Hi!". It makes me laugh just sitting here picturing his squeaky little voice talking to his little brother - he's not that calm or quiet with anyone else, EVER.
B loved swimming lessons last month, and he did SO well. His fear of the water is completely gone (God help you if you try to wash his hair in the tub though, aye yi yi) and he's turning into a little fish. I think we'll have him do lessons again in August.

He's completely potty trained during the day, which Joey and I really can't take much credit for. Daycare was wonderful at getting him started but he sort of took care of training himself. He was doing well with night time too, then the atom bomb known as j was dropped into his life and we had a bit of nighttime regression. We're going on vacation soon, so we'll try nighttime again once we get back. One last bit of potty chatter, if you need a training potty, I highly recommend this one, especially for boys (it comes in pink too)... no mess! Also, this book was fantastic (there's a girls version too):

The other night I was putting B to bed. I was half-lying down next to him and we'd said our prayers and sung ABCs and I asked him for a goodnight kiss. Usually he sticks his cheek in my face for a smooch, but that night, he grabbed me behind the neck and gave me a big kiss. It was the most awesome moment, one I never want to forget.

Oh little peanut. He's been in our lives for seven weeks tomorrow and I already don't really remember what life was like before him.

He and I are still doing the MSPI (milk soy protein intolerance) diet and things are going well! He's muuuuch happier now and smiles all the time. It was difficult initially finding foods that I could eat but I have a short list now of things to choose from. I'm not sure how long we'll have to deal with this but it's worth it for now! He's happy, healthy, and huge too! We are so blessed!

Speaking of the tiny dictator, he demands food... More updates soon!